Bouncing off a FB post - how old were you when you went on your first diet?

on 9/9/11 5:29 am

I was 125 pounds and at already my current height.  My family signed me up to a weight loss clinic who wanted me to get down to 111.  Craziness
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on 9/9/11 6:35 am
I believe I was 10 when my mom started making my sandwich for lunch and putting it on WW bread.  My Dad was MO and my Mom was curvy.  My parents where accepting and not cruel but they knew how tough life  is when you are fat.  I remember my maternal grandfather pinching my side and saying he bet he could pinch more than an inch.  I realize how horrible he must have been to my Mom while she was growing up.   I was always active growing up.  We played sports and I roller skated and rode my bike everywhere I went.  My Dad was MO and he was very healthy and super active.  I think I really noticed how nasty people could be when in high school I moved from a huge HS to a small school in a very small town.  At the big school I was a hot jock who was a soccer star on a competitive team.   At the new school everyone made the team.  But I sat all season on the bench.   At our end of season banquet the coach made comments to each player.  She told me that if I lost 25-30 lbs she would play me more next year.  I weighted about 150lbs at the time.  I was devastated.  What a ***** she was.  I gained 30 lbs during that school year.  I was up to 180lbs (I am 5'2") by the end of my sophomore year.  I have just gone up and up since then.  I am still active (I am a farmer) and we grow all most everything we eat.  I do not binge or hide food.  I make healthy choices.  I think I have a long history of obesity on both sides of my family and my metabolism is screwed up.  I hope my DS surgery helps level the playing field for me.  PS.   I ran into that coach last year.  HA HA HA  she was quite plump, Hell she was fat!  Sorry, I guess I have issues about her!
Julie R.
on 9/9/11 9:21 am - Ludington, MI
 As you should.....
Julie R - Ludington, Michigan
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