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As many of us are aware, it is common for us post-ops to order Flagyl (Metronidazole) from reliable online suppliers of fish antibiotics to treat our occasional bacterial c. difficile ("c. diff.") intestinal infections b/c it is cheap(er) (well, used to be ) than from "people" pharmacies. More importantly, no prescription is required . I myself have always ordered from a major particular supplier of fish and bird antibiotics located in Utah.

Very unfortunately, we customers of the supplier in Utah recently received a group email from the company informing us that, until further notice, their company will not be able to fill any orders for any fish antibiotics. After further inquiry, turns out that our F.D.A. has sent warnings letters out to the manufacturers of fish antibiotics ordering them to cease and desist in doing so. Although I have not been able to ascertain the precise reason for the letters (nor seen a copy of the actual letter) I have a hunch the motivation behind the F.D.A.'s action is that such "veterinary" antibiotics are, for the most part, being ordered and used by persons for "human consumption" rather than for fish (or birds, etc.), in contravention of the instructions on the bottles of such products. If so, then sounds like that route is now foreclosed to those of us who are in need of Flagyl. This basically means that whenever we need the med in the future we will need to present to our doctors to get a script for same, assuming we can convince them why we need it. A DS surgeon would understand the need, but I'm not sure a non-WLS doc would.

Anyway, has anyone else heard about this matter, or can shed some more light on what is going on here?

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While I don't know about the fish antibiotics, I can tell you that June, 11th of last year was when the FDA told all people who own livestock that they will no longer be able to go to the local farm store to get any antibiotics they will all have to have a prescription from a vet.

Do you know how hard it is to find a livestock vet that will just write a prescription? Not easy especially if there are not any in the area. I stocked up on them beforehand because the closest livestock vet is 2 hours away and their farm call alone is $150 never mind anything else they do.

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Yes, I?ve heard about this issue. The FDA has indeed sent warning letters to manufacturers of fish antibiotics, including the supplier in Utah, to stop selling these products, likely due to their misuse by humans. This means we will now need to get a prescription from a doctor for Flagyl. It might be challenging with non-WLS doctors, but a DS surgeon should understand our needs. Does anyone have more information or alternative solutions?

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