I've got an Incisional Hernia

on 12/19/11 9:30 am - CA

My DS was 2 1/2 years ago. I suspected something was wrong, so I spoke w/ Dr. Rabkin (who performed my surgery), then visited with my local GP who confirmed my suspicion, then saw Dr. Ara Kishishian who diagnosed an incisional hernia.

Since Dr. Rabkin is in San Francisco and I live in Los Angeles, my plan is to have Dr. Kishishian perform the surgery.

The hernia is in the area of the surgical incision made around my belly button. Dr. Kishishian plans to apply a mesh to repair the hernia.

I'm told there's a 5% chance of recurrance, a 2 - 3% chance total of complications like a bowel injury, it's an outpatient procedure, I'll be in pain for two weeks, fully recovered in six weeks, I'm not exercising (except for long walks).

Is there anything I'm missing? Has anyone else been through this? I'd appreciate your thoughts before I schedule the surgery. Thank you.

Sher Bear Mama
on 12/19/11 9:43 am
 Just curious, was your DS open or lap?  And what were your symptoms?
Sher--the bear mama

on 12/19/11 9:53 am - CA

My DS was laproscopic and Dr. Kishishian says the hernia repair will be lap as well.

The only symptom I have is a belly that pooches out some. Especially after I eat. That's it. No pain, no nausea... just the physical "pooching".

Sher Bear Mama
on 12/19/11 10:05 am
 My incision near my belly button is INSIDE my belly button, It's actually closing it off a little!
Sher--the bear mama

on 12/20/11 1:47 am - CA
Is there anyone out there that's been through this that has any advice for me?

The lack of comments makes me think this is a pretty common, straight forward procedure. Probably not such a big deal... yes?
on 12/20/11 2:31 am - Keller, TX
HI Frank,

I am going through exactly what you have.  I had an incisional hernia just to the right of my belly button.  I just had it repaired November 21.  Mine was not a laproscopic repair but an open incision about 2 inches long.

It was a bit more painful than I expected.  My tummy was a good bit tender for a few days then started easing up over the following 4 or 5 days.  For the first couple days I found sitting up in bed my most comfortable position.  Using the pain meds and nodding off alot.  I stopped taking them during the day at day 3.  Used them for a few more days ( 4 or 5 days) when I went to bed.  Changing positions in bed was what caused the most pain for me.  That and having my 5 year old son forgetting that daddy had a boo boo on his tummy.   At a week out I knew I had some work done but was pretty comfortable doing just about anything except exercising.  No pain really at that point just a tightness.

Now at 4 weeks out I barely feel anything.  I am riding the bike and will start bac**** skating this weekend.

I did also have my to support me through my recovery which was very helpful.

I took a week off from my desk job and that was enough to get through any of the ruff times after the surgery.

Hope this helps.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


on 12/20/11 7:12 am - CA
Thanks, Steve... the experience you've had w/ the procedure sounds like what the doctor told me to expect.

Ok, guess I'll go schedule it...

Thanks again!
Valerie G.
on 12/27/11 8:48 am - Northwest Mountains, GA
Surgery was a breeze, and I stayed overnight just to make sure my pain was in control.
I was in controllable pain for about a week, uncomfortable the second week, able to button my pants when I went back to work the 3rd week post op.  Compared to open DS.....piece of cake.

DS 2005

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on 12/29/11 4:40 am - CA
Thanks, Valerie!
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