Computer issues arrgh!

on 7/29/13 9:51 pm - St Louis , MO
DS on 03/26/13

I am back if anyone missed me.  computer issues hope they are fixed.  I have question about "signature?"  Some of you have a notation  on date of surgery, type of surgery, weight loss etc.. How do you add that?  I have VSG 2+ years ago and NOW DS 3/26/13 I do not want to mislead anyone that I lost all my weight since DS it has been 2 very long years and many more to go. 


 Pre Op 450 lbs +/ VSG 10/2011  421 lbs/ DS 4/2013 371 lbs

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DS on 04/17/13

Go to "My Account", then "Settings", then "Message Boards". There will be a box with your sig in it. Just click under your sig and type in what you want. Save. Done!




SW-340, CW-164, GW-150, 14 pounds to go...


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