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Ann D.
on 9/2/13 5:04 am - Burlington, Canada

Hi there,


I had my DS 5 or 6 years ago and while the DS worked, I did not keep up my end of the bargain... making poor eating choices and not being great with vitamins. A recent health scare (not DS related) has strengthened my resolve to get things back on track but I going to need some help.

To get started I have a few questions that you may be able to help me with.


1. Dr L patients - can someone please post the recommended vitamin/supplement schedule?

2. If you had gone off track - how did you rein it in? What works for you to start dropping the weight?


And a general question for all... how do you stay motivated? How do you make yourself a priority (I suck at this... long story but root cause of issue)





on 9/2/13 7:41 am - VA

Welcome back to the game, Ann. Will you be getting your labs done? It might be a good thing to know how things are so you can adjust the schedule as needed. I've never seen folks rave about Dr L's vitamin plan and follow up, so you might want to go to Vitalady's site and see what she suggests. 

Come online every day and post to Bites & Vites to help you get back in the groove. Welcome back. : )


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on 9/2/13 9:54 am
DS on 12/19/12 with

2nd everything Gina said. 

Get your labs down so you have a benchmark.

Go to and see what she lists for daily vit schedule and follow that.

Start posting your food every day.  Gina does read every post, and will give you a nod or a lashing... accountability for what you shove through the lips.



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