DSers - question about vitamin schedules

on 7/31/22 7:36 pm
WLS on 07/15/22

Hello fellow DSers!

I'm hopefully about to transition off my post op liquid diet and start soft foods tomorrow. For the past two weeks I've had Celebrate ENS 4 in 1 shakes that include a ton of vitamins, so I haven't had to start my regimen yet.

I was rereading the manual I got (below) and it includes four staggered doses a day. It doesn't include the omeprazole I'm in for the next year.

I currently have everything outlined in my guide along with a mice organizer box with three compartments a day for grab and go but I'm curious...are you all taking supplements 4 to 5 times a day similar to what's outlined? If not, could you share what your schedule looks like? Curious about long-term maintenance with this. Thanks!

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on 7/31/22 8:45 pm

You'll find virtually everyone has a unique program based on their specific needs and updated annually based on results of blood work. It's not uncommon to add, drop or adjust vitamins each year. The schedule you are following now is important because you just had surgery and want to get off to a good start. You'll find over time things are not that rigid, and you'll adjust to your own schedule and needs.

I take vitamins twice a day; in the morning while getting dressed, and the evening before bed. It's not really a big deal anymore. After a few years, I no longer needed iron but I had to add Vitamin K and Zinc. I have not seen anyone need to take vitamin C outside the standard multi-vitamin pill.

on 8/2/22 3:30 am
WLS on 07/15/22

Thank you for the feedback! I figured that folks would have a lot of different things based on need farther out. Super helpful comparison. Appreciate it!

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on 8/1/22 12:58 pm

Most of those bariatric supplements pushed by your doc are not adequate for us long term. They are however an excellent revenue stream for your doc. Just so you know. Your test results will tell the tale.

I am almost 20 years postop. I take supplements twice a day, morning and evening. Usually right before I go to sleep. I have never had a serious deficiency so the way I look at it, why make this harder than it has to be. This is what works for me.

  • The most important thing is to just take the pills. Don't agonize about what goes with what. It leads to skipped doses. Your test results will tell you down the road if you need to worry about it... Or not.
on 8/2/22 3:33 am
WLS on 07/15/22

Thanks for the feedback!

I'm curious - does that mean you don't take an ADEK? And if not, what do you take for vitamins?

Glad you're well!

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on 8/2/22 7:28 am, edited 8/2/22 8:44 am - CA

Most drop the ADEKs after a while because their labs will show that, maybe they are high on A and E but low on K and D, so they go with separate vitamins as needed. Then, you also add in anything else that might be intrinsic just to you, but not necessarily because of your DS. My wife, 17 years out on her DS, makes a daily smoothie that includes a couple doses of Calcium citrate, a big variable dose, depending on labs, of potassium (because she has always been low) and a couple scoops of protein powder. That makes a couple servings that she has during the day. She also takes some iron, L carnitine (doc finds that to be low) and some K2 some time during the day.

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on 8/2/22 11:35 am
WLS on 07/15/22

Thanks for the response! That makes a lot of sense. I agree, it will take time to find out. It's good to hear the feedback that the supplements can change over time. I'm glad your wife has a regimen that works for her!

Per the literature from my clinic, ADEK is for life, so I never thought about it any other way. Still new though and my first labs will happen at the end of this month. I appreciate these perspectives!

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on 8/2/22 10:23 am

Keep in mind my CC is 75 and your SADI is 200 if I remember correctly? I have a lot more malabsorbtion than you and that's why I said your labs would tell the tale down the road. Some SADI patients have to supplement like traditional DSers and others don't. You have to wait and see. Either way it will become a habit and you will do it automatically.

No ADEKS for me because they are too low dose to be effective. And too expensive! I take individual supplements. Whenever they add the word bariatric to a product, they jack up the price! And strange thing, I have never needed to supplement E yet. Maybe I will down the road but not yet. I also don't have to supplement B's. Things do change over time and we have to be flexible. But right now I am fine with just what is in my multivitamins. I also have no problems with iron levels. This one makes me happy because iron is the one supplement I hate taking.

I do take dry supplements(pills, not gelcaps in oil) because I don't absorb much fat. On the rare occasion I am forced to use gelcaps, I take 4 or 5 times my usual dose. You malabsorb fat too but the jury is still out on how much for how long because there are not enough large cohort studies done on the SADI yet. Give it time. More information will come. It is probably safe for you to assume you won't ever need as much in the supplement department as I do.

What I take.

Hair supplements(crappy hair before and after surgery so not DS related)

Saw palmetto




collagen peptides

Hyaluronic acid

Other supplements.









calcium citrate

calcium apatite



probiotics(Sometimes. I want to be able to say they do wonders for me but so far not so much. I try them off and on.)

selenium(A couple times a month)

iron(once a week)

on 8/2/22 11:42 am
WLS on 07/15/22

Hey there!

So much information! Thank you. My clinic does 300cm common channels, so I should have about 50% bypass. So yes, yours is much shorter!

Appreciate the feedback. My first labs will be at the end of the month but I figure that's still a bit early to see how it will play out. Based on replies, it sounds like there might be several adjustments over time.

And thanks for sharing your supplement list. I had heard in one other place that there were issues with DSers and gelcaps, so that's good info. My clinic hadn't mentioned it and I do have a couple of gel supplements. On the fence with you on probiotics and taking them just in case. Also with you on the hair piece. I lost a lot of hair the last time I dropped weight. Fully expect to again, unfortunately.

Thanks for sharing your experiences! This is all new to me, so helpful to hear from others!

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on 8/2/22 4:05 pm

300cc is the standard for Sadi. It's the same thing I have from 2014 surgery.

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