I'm have duodenal switch surgery this Thursday

on 11/15/22 12:54 pm - SUGAR LAND, TX

I'm have duodenal switch surgery this Thursday and my question is how can I be less nervous my start weight is over 600 lbs

on 11/15/22 5:26 pm

Nervous is normal! Best of luck to you!

on 11/16/22 3:09 am

Im so happy you're getting your operation finally !!!
Youve GOT this !!!

Bring plenty of reading material with you, a phone charger, maybe some water flavoring if you prefer flavored water ... clean underwear toothbrush hairbrush and a sweater ( hospitals can be cold !)

And get ready to walk walk walk every half hour and blow blow blow ( it really helps heal and recover faster ) ... your fellow patients probably wont be walking the halls but it helps SO much if you do what your doc recommends - no risk of painful blood clots for instance .

And don't worry if you feel woozy headed for a few weeks afterwards - its a side effect of the general anesthesia!

Were all rooting for you to be safe and heal quickly and comfortably !

on 11/17/22 11:31 pm

Howd U do Honey ?!

Waiting 2 hear from U .....anxious

on 11/18/22 8:29 pm - SUGAR LAND, TX

I'm doing okay still little bit of pain

on 11/19/22 8:38 am, edited 11/19/22 12:38 am

Im so happy Youre doing so well and have officially joined the Losers Bench now!!!

Big hugs and a virtual giant bouquet of beautiful congratulations roses for You !!

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