Dr Marek Lutrzykowski??

on 3/18/23 2:28 pm - Hamilton, Canada

He gave me an amazing life saving tool back on Feb 26th 2008 , thanks to him I now live life,not just exist.I lost 220 lbs and maintaining.

So I was going to do an update with him but sadly I saw the offfice was closed permanently. Does anyone know what happened? Quite possible he retired i suppose.sure have missed the forums over the years.Thanks all,


SW:340, CW:128, RGW:126   Lost 20 Lbs preop



on 3/20/23 7:56 am
WLS on 07/15/22

Congratulations on your loss, and your maintenance over time. That's wonderful and takes a lot of hard work and dedication!

Not familiar with this surgeon at all. It looks like his name is still associated with a clinic but the website is in Polish. Could very well be retirement, though!

I hear the forums are a much quieter place these days than some years back. This is the norm for what I've seen, though. The most active forum is the RNY board, though people still check in here! There are some great long-term DSers who weigh in when folks post. Best wishes!

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on 5/6/23 3:57 pm - Hamilton, Canada

Thank you.these boards were hopping back in 2008 for sure.


SW:340, CW:128, RGW:126   Lost 20 Lbs preop



on 1/8/24 7:14 am
DS on 11/17/18

He actually retired a couple years back! Unfortunate too because I was never able to make it back up there to get all of my records :/ so who knows if they are recorded somewhere else

on 2/4/24 9:19 pm

Hi, actually Dr Lutryzkowski passed away. There was a certain time you could pick up your records, I have no idea where they would be. Take care

on 2/4/24 9:15 pm

Hi, I also had my surgery with Dr Lutryzkowski 02/11/2000 and I'm sorry to be the one to tell you, Doc passed away, I have been searching for another Dr that is familiar with this surgery. My vitamin levels are wayyy out of whack. 24 years ago he changed my life completely, for the absolute better. Just found this site and am hopeful for any help I can find.

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