Fobi Pouch in 2001

on 7/17/17 1:44 am

Hi y'all. I am new to this forum and happy to be here.

I had the Fobi Pouch in 2001. I started out at 360 and after about a year got down to 150. Everything was going great until I figured out how to eat around the surgery..

It didn't take me long until I was back up to 308.

I have now been dieting for about 3 months and am down to 258

Since the surgery, I haven't been able to eat meat, raw vegetables, raw fruit..with the exception of bananas, strawberries and peaches.

I was still throwing up on an almost daily basis, until the new diet.

This is very embarrassing, but I know it's time to reach out.

Thank you. : )

Kathy S.
on 7/17/17 8:12 am - InTheBurbs, XX
RNY on 08/29/04 with
Welcome to OH~ There are not many around that had your surgery and we want you to get as much support as needed. This forum is not very active may we suggest you post on our general forum and any surgery type forum you may be interested in if you are considering a revision. Let us know if you need anything. Regards, Kathy Member Services

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on 7/17/17 8:57 am

Thank you, Ms. Kathy.

on 9/3/17 11:59 am
FobiPouch on 05/01/93

I had Fobi pouch in May 1993. Now at 180 up & down a bit. had recent surgery for bowel blockage that's not really related to pouch. OK now. Eat most anything. Followed Dr Fobi's guideline for a few years and gradually added foods. Now no problems. Is Dr. Fobi, who actually did surgery, still practicing?

No regrets on having surgery - believe I'm still alive because of it. It's been 24 years. I've had cancer twice...last one was 6 years ago. I thank God for everyday. My husband very supportive then and still. Married 47 years.

on 9/7/17 2:11 am - Portland, OR
Revision on 01/16/12

Are you going to support groups? It can't hurt! I had VBG in 2001 and failed. I had a revision in 2012 and have been @ goal for 4 years. Getting a revision was difficult, finding a Dr., then getting the Ins. to cover; but SO worth it!

on 10/2/17 5:34 pm - Greenville, SC

What challenges did you have getting the insurance company to pay for the revision and how did you overcome them?

on 10/5/17 4:23 pm

Changed our Federal insurance plan from a very poor HMO in Las Vegas to a PPO plan (GEHA). Paid most of all costs.

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