on 6/14/11 5:34 am
Had my surgery, went great, doing great.  I also had hernia repair and gallbladder removed at same time and since those surgeries pay different the hospital lumped my total hospital bill under weight loss surgery only so paying every surgery as a weight loss surgery.  Has anyone else had this?  This is costing me about 10,000 dollars more the way they have this coded.  Hospital states they cannot itemize services and has to go under primary dx even though I knew and planned on having the other 2 surgeries at same time.  ( My insurance only pays 60% of WLS and no out of pocket max and does not apply to deductible.)  Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.  I already called insurance , hospital and surgeon office and the said this is the way its done.  
Jeff Q.
on 6/23/11 4:02 am, edited 9/27/13 12:51 am
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