PREGNANCY UPDATE Week 35: Ouch!! Baby Kicking My Butt! (PICS)

Stacy T.
on 8/4/10 6:12 am
So I will be 35 weeks this Friday and I am HUGE!     I have not weighed myself in 2 weeks and between what I have been eating and the fact that I am constipated as all hell, I am terrified to get on the scale at my OB appt on Friday. After this Friday's appt I start going to get checked every week!

My belly keeps growing and growing and Grace keeps kicking and kicking. I can't see my toes or reach them. Everything I eat gives me heartburn and I can barely breathe! At night, if I roll over in bed, I get stuck on my back like a turtle and Kevin has to push me over LOL I am about as comfy sleeping at night as I was when I had my band surgery! ugh

With only 5 more official weeks to go (2 more weeks until I am considered full term), I don't know how much more I can take! Plus, I don't think she wants to be in there anymore at ALL.  I really think I will go earlier than my due date of Sept 10th.

Lamaze classes end tonight. I can officially breathe several different ways which has really boosted my confidence about labor. Couple that with just being tired of being pregnant and my fears about labor are quickly fading. LET'S GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD!

Oh yeah and I am emotional as hell. Anything and everything makes me sob.

Baby shower this weekend!! YAY!!! Can't wait to eat some of the cake my mom ordered! (Sorry OHers!! But soon enough I will be back on the wagon!)

Hope all of you are well! As you can see, I am all over the place LOL

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Stacy T.
on 8/4/10 6:15 am

Me at 33 weeks (I am behind on my pics)

Pre-Op wt : 210 (Nov 08)

Lowest Post-op wt: 145 (Jul 12)

Removal wt: 185 (Feb 19)

on 8/4/10 6:23 am - Virginia Beach, VA
You look amazing! What a cute baby belly you have! Can't wait to see pictures of your beautiful baby!
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on 8/4/10 10:10 am

You look wonderful Stacy!  You have a very cute baby belly!  Enjoy that cake!


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Jenns Livin free
on 8/4/10 10:45 am
All sounds familiar--the lack of sleep at night is to "prep" you for the newborn sleep patterns (at least that's what everyone told me!!).  Quick tip: when I went to my refresher lamaze class for me second child, the nurse said, breathe however works for you.  Let me tell you--HUGE relief to me.  the first time around, I felt like I had to breathe the way they taught me, and it was a mess (there were other factors too).  So, get into the "zone" and breathe in whatever way gets you thru those contractions!  Good luck.
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Nikki M.
on 8/4/10 11:00 am
Did you know there was a pregnancy after WLS on this board? Its great for all women who are trying for a baby or pregnant! Lots of great advice and support :)

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on 8/4/10 1:56 pm
Good luck! My friend just delivered yesterday at 36 weeks and 3 days! She and the baby are fine and no negative effects of being a little early, so don't worry if yours decides she's not staying in there 5 more weeks.

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Tiff tells all
on 8/5/10 3:21 am - Ewa Beach, HI
RNY on 05/21/19

She really does take up all of your midsection LOL!!  You look absolutely adorable Stacy. keep us up to date with it all the little details and let us know how the shower goes.


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