One week down....

on 5/16/11 2:01 am
One week to go on the pre-op liquid diet!

And I have to say, I'm pretty darn impressed with myself. I went to 2 birthday parties over the weekend. One Saturday, one Sunday and I refrained from eating at both of them! The one Saturday wasn't hard, it was my next door neighbor's house and I just had my shake before we went over and we were only there a couple hours. Sunday however, yeah, it was at my in-laws house and my Father in law knows how to make a mean.....well, anything. Everything he makes is awesome. He used to owna diner, so it's hard to not pig out on his food. But I did it! And I was able to make them think I ate since I took a plate to feed my son. And if I heard them coming, I'd stick the fork in my mouth with nothing on it to make it look like I had just taken a bite. They don't know I'm having the surgery. Only a few people know and that's how I want to keep it til I've lost a good amount of weight. But anyway, I've lost 12lbs as of this morning. Not too shabby. I can't wait to finally get the surgery and be done with the pre-op and post-op diet though and be able to eat some normal food again though. lol!!



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on 5/16/11 3:20 am
Adjustable Gastric Band on 07/07/11
You are doing great! Keep up the good work. I am waiting for my surgery date which should be set in two weeks and then I'll be on my liquid diet. What protein shakes are you using? I got the Unjury, but they are so sweet!
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on 5/16/11 3:55 am - San Diego, CA
WOW that is amazing girl!  It is SO hard to deal with liquid diets and parties and other functions.  If you can do that, you can do anything! LOL  So it sounds like you breezed through that first week with flying colors.  What a major accomplishment!  Keep that positive attitude and you are going to do GREAT Karebear! (Those are non-alcoholic, sugar free drinks in those glasses HAAHAA).
on 5/16/11 5:38 am
Songbird-- My first bottle of protein shakes was the GNC brand. I had snagged some on sale for $19.99 about a month ago. (that stuff is usually $30) I was in Target the other night though and was checking out what they had and I came across a Market Pantry (their brand) bottle and saw it has more protein in it than the GNC stuff and was on sale for $15.99 and normally $17.99. So I figured I'd try it cause it has 5 grams more protein in it with the same calories. I was not thrilled with the prices of protein powder when I started looking into them. I'm glad I found the stuff at Target. So much cheaper, has more protein, has the same amount of calories and you get the same amount in the bottle. 2lbs of powder. Works for me. lol! 

Lisa-- Thanks! I was dreading the liquid diet. My friend actually had RNY in November and we go to the same surgeon, the pre-op diet is the same for RNY as it is for band, so I tried to do at least 1 week pre-op diet just to see if I could do it and I kept failing. I was like "Great, I'll never be able to do it once I actually have to!" My friend (who's name is Lisa as well was like "Trust me, once you HAVE to do it, you WILL be able to do it!" She was right! Thank God!! lol!! 



6cc's in a 10cc band
Sandi H.
on 5/16/11 11:25 am - PA

Hi all, I had my band put in on Wednesday, 5/11/11...I am less than a week post-op.  I am doing ok as of today, just dealing with the gas pains from the surgery.  I am using gas-x and it is a godsend.  I found out today too that I can chew a tums too!  Have them on hand for after your surgery.

I did the pre-op liquid diet too...and was working f/t at the same time.  It was difficult, especially with everyone around me eating their normal breakfasts and lunches at work.  I just bit the bullet and did it!  I was very proud of myself and went from 291 to 279 in 10 days!  Now I am on the post-op liquid diet which has a little more freedoms cause it includes puddings, yogurts (blended or creamy) and soups (not just broth).  I seem to meeting my protein goals which is good.

Also, I swear by the Matrix brand Perfectly Chocolate.  I got it at the center where my surgery was performed - it is called Barix.  I think though you can order it online as well.  I think I only paid $20 for it.  I also purchased Any Whey, which is a flavorless additive for most of my foods.  Be careful when adding it to hot stuff though cause if you add it to quick, it clumps pretty bad and isn't appealing.

Sandi (Hazelnutt)

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