Vitamins for us banded folks

on 5/20/11 2:32 am - NY

Just read through 6 pages on the search function but nothing spoke directly to Bands and vitamins.  So the question is, what are you taking?

I take a multi-vitamin, extra D plus calcium for us old women, and in the winter months extra C.  I also take L-lysine which for me is imperative because of cold sores. I also take B-12 because I can't afford not to remember **** :)

I know we don't malabsorb anything so I'm curious how others handle the vitamin issue.

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on 5/20/11 2:55 am
i have to be very careful what vitamins i take - most rip my belly apart.

i take 1 mega food women over 40 (one daily) mulit & 3 vegetarian kava pills a day for perimenopause.     i will get a B12 shot at my OB every few months - but that's it, my labs last wk were all good.
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on 5/20/11 3:56 am, edited 5/20/11 3:57 am - San Diego, CA
I take all of my vitamins in capsule form (except my D-3) and use the Twin Labs brand. I really seem to tolerate that brand the best and my labs have been awesome. I take their Daily-One Multi, Calcium/Magnesium, D-3, Caretenoid Complex and B-1. I get my B-12 shots 2x per month because I also suffer from CRS (can't remember ****). :)
debbie H.
on 5/20/11 4:23 am - AR
I tried several chalky chewables, even one my docs office thought was GREAT...gag!  I settled on gummies for adults and chew them profusely.  I started having trouble with my knees, and have gone back to a coated, small as I could fin it, glucossamine.  I do a chewy calcium, high blood pressure pill, and 81 mg. aspirin.  At his point, I don't think I have a prob. with pills, but some do. 
on 5/20/11 8:32 am
They did tell you to take Calcium CITRATE right.. not carbonate?    You need the stomach acid to absorb the carbonate so us banders need the citrate. 

Hey its always good to ask , great question. :)

AM- 1 Centrum adult chewable 
        4 chewable Disney Omega -3 Gummies

Afternoon- 2 Twin Lab calcium chewable
                    Liquid B-12 sublingual ( 2 times a week)

Evening- 2 Twin Lab Calcium chewable
                 1  500mg  Biotin ( for hair and skin)

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on 5/20/11 10:20 am - OR
 I do the adult centrum chewable and viactive for calcium and vit d.  Are we supposed to be taking more??  I am only one week out from surgery though, so as i progress will i need more??
Tia F.
on 5/20/11 10:43 pm - VA
Vita Fusion Adult Gummy Vites- my nutritionist said they are the only gummy vitamins approved for bariatric patients...they are all I take, I was doing Flinstone chewables but couldn't handle those nasty things!
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on 5/21/11 4:36 am
surprised a nutritionist would suggest a vitamin that has calories.
there are better options IMO....

on 5/21/11 12:27 pm
I actually take the Bariatric Advantage watermelon vitaband chewable it seems to be the only one so far that doesn't make me sick.
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