Stomach Bug...Did I hurt myself?

Stacy T.
on 2/23/12 8:26 pm
Hi everyone! I haven't posted in a LONG time but I have a question.

My daughter (18 months) had a 24 hour stomach bug Wednesday and this morning I woke up with it. So nauseated! Well I ended up throwing up. But nothing came out! I felt a little better when done but I am terrified I slipped my band. I'm not in any pain. It just feels a little funny when I swallow (like I have dry pill stuck in the back of my throat).

Anyone ever experience this? Will I be ok??

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on 2/23/12 8:33 pm
 Sure you will be OK, lap band slippage is NOT easy to occur, it takes repeated DAILY vomiting or abuse or being too tight for long periods of time for it to slip.

The lap band is durable for living with it....

I have had a stomach bug before and my band did not slip and have had food and pills stuck that resulted in PBing and vomiting over the years, but no band slippage, but these are not every day or weekly or monthly events for me, they are rare and isolated.

If this is an isolated incident you should be OK, but you may want to go on liquids and take it easy for a few days, but if you feel worse and your symptoms does not get better after a week you may want to follow up with your surgeon.

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on 2/23/12 8:59 pm
When every you vomit you should do liquids for a few days.
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on 2/23/12 9:42 pm
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I have never vomited but I am sure that nothing will come from one episode, I will suggest however that if you are still nauseated call your Surgeon and have them call you in some anti-nauseau meds.........