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Stacy T.
on 3/15/12 3:22 am

I had a successful flouro yesterday to unfill in prep for my endoscopy on 5APR. Band looked good, pouched still nice and small. HOWEVER....My surgeon told me it was good I was having an endoscopy done because I should probably have one every year.


This is the first he has told me this. Now I am completely freaking out because even though I am not symptomatic, I will be so upset if something is wrong in there and I could have known sooner. I also feel really bad because my doctor is SO AWESOME, I am shocked he didnt' tell me this after I had surgery? He is so great, I even feel horrible posting this because I would hate for someone to think he isn't a good doctor!Maybe he never recommended endoscopes because I never had any issues? Maybe this is something new he is recommending to his patients that he wasn't 3 years ago when I had surgery? Is that possible? Someone PLEASE reassure me!

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on 3/15/12 4:21 am
I think that many surgeons are changing their position about annual endoscopes.

3 years ago my surgeon said they were unnecessary and now he thinks they are a good idea.

I had one last August because of chest pain .... Turned out I had ulcers and silent reflux.

Now, my surgeon wants an annual endoscopy just to be safe.

Zee Starrlite
on 3/15/12 4:53 am
VSG on 06/06/11 with
Stop it!!! You did not miss anything, you are okay right now, in this moment.  

Remember we can not change what was nor can we control what will be (even after we have done every single little thing right, after we done all that we can do).  Be still my lady - you may be one of the lucky ones with the band - you must believe that!

May God bless you.


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Jean M.
on 3/15/12 5:24 am
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As Kath said, maybe his position on upper endoscopies has changed since you were first banded. It doesn't necessarily mean that there's something wrong with you or your band, or that you're especially vulnerable to some problem that could only be determined by endoscopy. Unless you have some condition (or insurance problem) that would make annual endoscopies unwise (I can't think of what that might be), I think it's better to take the extra precaution because generally speaking, it's easier to fix problems when you catch them early than when you discover them later when they're more advanced or complicated.

The next time you see your surgeon, why don't you just ask him about his new recommendation?

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Stacy T.
on 3/15/12 6:23 am
Thanks Ladies! Great advice (as usual!)

I have no idea why I didn't ask him about the scope recommendation. I was just completely thrown off and then thought about what if something is wrong, and down the rabbit hole I fell....I will have to do that next time!!

Good news is I only had to be reduced to about 5 cc and still feel pretty good and satiated. Plus my port juts out so far I can get refilled at the office next time vice flouro (reducing my copay to $30 office visit ..flouro is $150) since the band checked out ok.

Now just on to the scope where my gastro will check things out. I hope all goes well and I am so glad to have a great gastro doc who works with my WLS so they are totally in sync.

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