My Lap-Band slipped

on 5/22/17 12:49 pm - PA

Has anyone had a lap-band slippage that fixed itself by taking the fluid out of the band for a while? Or has anyone had a revision after lap-band slippage?

I had my lap-band surgery 8 years ago. I have lost 100 pounds and through a lot of effort (diet and exercise) I have managed to keep it off. I had experienced heart burn before having surgery but it did get worst after the surgery. About a month ago I started having what felt like severe heart burn so I went to a gastroenterologist to have an upper endoscopy done. I knew it was like no heartburn I had ever felt before but it still seemed like heartburn. Having heartburn for so many years I was afraid of permanent damage. I kinda thought it may be a bad slippage but I never had it so I didn't want to jump to conclusions. Long story short the doctor said my band had slipped. I went to my surgeon and he immediately said I need my band removed. When I looked up this problem on the internet it said that doctors would recommend taking all the fluid out of the band and waiting for a week or two to see if the band goes back in place. My doctor seemed to think that would be prolonging the inevitable.

Patty R.
on 6/5/17 8:17 pm - Burrillville, RI
RNY on 09/08/16

Good for you for keeping the weight off!! I was banded in 2007, started having problems in 2009, and had it removed in 2012. I has symptoms of a slip and did the unfill--fill thing too many times to remember. I gained all the weight back and revised to Rny last September.

If you are not getting stuck, or vomiting, just having heartburn, I would try a complete unfill. Just remember, if you have relied on restriction to curb over eating, YOU will need to be careful.

Good luck!!!

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G Dean Roye, MD FACS


on 6/29/17 8:14 pm - Monticello, MN

I had a slip 4 yrs in which was corrected by an infill. I've now had my band for 8 yrs & experience more reflux from time to time but no slips.

Im weary I'll have a slip & need to pay for removal. In hindsight if my insurance would have covered a revision, I would have chosen to go that route. Since I'm more apt to slip again & my restriction level just isn't what it was & ive gained 35lbs back, I'd revise if possible.

on 6/30/17 11:50 am

My Band slipped because of food poisoning and serious vomiting. Right after that I experienced terrible reflux , even on water :( and I also had Left shoulder pain which are all complications of a band. I demanded that my Dr. remove it and I felt 100%better . And unfortunately your Doctor is correct removal of bands are pretty much inevitable. Removing Fluid helps SOMETIMES .. good luck with your decision.

on 8/7/17 6:51 pm

I was 11 op from the original lap-Band.

Recently underwent complete removal July 27th 2017.

When my lap-band slipped such in my case,( I had an upper GI w/barium swallow to diagnose my slip and the severity of it).

Due to the lap band restricting my stomachs blood supply once it had slipped, I was at a life threatening risk for my band cutting off complete blood supply to my stomach.

This included putting my life also at risk for my stomach perforating.

Within 3 days of consulting w/my bariatric surgeon & based on my complaints, I had a stat fasting Upper GI w/barium swallow ordered the next morning including blood work, once the radiologist confirmed my band slipped, its location of slip, the pressure it was putting on my stomach, reviewing my images w/my surgeon, the following morning my bariatric surgeon cleared her cases and scheduled me for EMERGENCY surgery to remove my band.

All this in 3 days. That's how important it is to immediately take care of a slipped lap-band!

If you had your band in long term, and it slipped, it is my opinion you should have it immediately surgically removed. Allow up to 3 months for your stomach to heal then go into a revision.

A lot of times lap band patients have what's called an "Armageddon" stomach. Meaning its edemis, mushy, cellulous, possible ulcers, etc... A good Bariatric surgeon will never put a staple line through this type of stomach. The good news is that its totally healable.

Let your stomach heal!! A few months later have your sleeve done.

You will be safer this way. Less risk to yourself for complications.

Remember, time is the best medicine!

Be well!

on 9/8/17 5:04 pm - CO

I found out yesterday that my lap-band has caused part of my stomach to balloon above the lap-band so will need to be removed. I will have it replaced with the sleeve. My lap-band surgery was in 2008 and I lost a lot of weight since then. I know my insurance will pay for the removal of the band but will it pay for a sleeve replacement? I don't have the same insurance that I had in 2008. Today I have medicare and medi-gap supplement insurance.

Thanks, Bobbie

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