Can't seem to drink the proper amount of fluid

on 9/10/17 7:13 am
Lap Band on 08/23/17

Just wanted to see if anyone else had the same problem. I cannot get close to drinking 2 1/2 qts of liquid a day. I try just fills me up and makes stomach hurt. Sometimes make sharp pain too...maybe just me curious to hear! Thank you!

on 9/12/17 7:43 am


In the beginning I had to set an alert on my phone every 15 mins to remind me to take a drink. This way you drink consistently through the day. I would say it took me a full year to get it to be automatically in my brain to drink. I can drink more now at one time, I am nearly 11 years out and know what rate/speed to drink at to keep me comfortable.

I will say in the mornings I drink warm liquids or if it is cold out, my band has never done well when cold. Or when I am stressed, feels like it just clamps down! Just be sure to really pay attention to the fickleness your band has. All of us are different and there will be stuff you cannot have. For me, pork, full on sandwich or cheeseburger, or gummy breads/tortillas. All stuff I should not eat anyway so not that big of a deal for me. Oh also over cooked chicken or seafood.

But there are also items that make me full, just on the verge of being uncomfortable but make me defiantly not hungry. For me those are carrots, hard boiled eggs, and apples with the skin. I use those to stop mindless eating, if I want dessert I eat the apple, it is sweet and will keep me from eating anything else the whole night. I also tell myself to get a hot tea, hot drinks take longer to drink and usually by the time I am done I forgot I wanted to eat (I was not really hungry anyway just wanted food).

So be sure to find some tricks to help you get through it. Good luck.

Start weight: 320
At surgery:  300
Current:      185
Goal:           175