starting the process for removal

on 11/19/17 7:34 pm - riverside, CA

I had my EGD done on Fri , the Dr. says there is a lot of esophageal irritation and he removed a few polyps to be biopsy, he feels the insurance will approve my removal and revision . I am so happy , I am just hoping and praying it all works out.

on 11/19/17 7:59 pm

Just keep on hoping for the best.

Nic M
on 11/20/17 9:51 am

Best of luck to you. I hope that the removal of your band goes well and you have no problem getting the revision.

Hope you'll check in and let us know how you're doing.


 Avoid kemmerling, Green Bay, WI


on 11/20/17 7:39 pm - riverside, CA

Thank you , I am trying to just have positive thoughts .

on 11/27/17 9:32 pm

Best of luck!

on 12/28/17 4:36 pm
RNY on 12/26/17

I had my band removed in August and revised to bypass on the 26th. I had to have my band removed because of the acid reflux I had been suffering from for many years. Good luck to you!

on 3/27/18 3:07 pm - riverside, CA

How is your bypass going ?

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