Doc says watch my diet

on 8/5/11 9:00 pm
I received a mailing from my health insurer saying that past medical information indicates that I may have issues with my liver and should see my doctor. I made an immediate appointment. My doc had a more detailed letter from my the insurance company. During my gastric bypass surgery, I volunteered to be part of a test group that allowed liver biopsies to investigate the incidence of fatty livers in people who have been obese for a long time. I never heard the results, so assumed everything was okay. But my doctor says there was apparently indications of cirrhosis.

I went to the lab the next morning for an ultrasound and blood test. The next day, the doctor's nurse told me that the liver, and aorta were all "within tolerances".  I still have those pesky gallstones.

But the doctor told me to avoid fatty foods and lose more weight, because I could still develop cirrhosis... not to mention the gall stone issue.  I guess I was assuming that my gastric bypass would let me eat more fatty foods like steak and hot dogs and such but I am wrong.

I admit, i was kind of bummed out. But my doctor has never been one to mince words. He's always been concerned with my health and tells it like it is. It's a wake up call.

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on 8/5/11 10:28 pm - Canada
Unfortunately, obesity is a primary cause of fatty liver disease which can lead to cirrhosis of the liver or even liver cancer.  Neither of these is worth the flavour of hot dogs or steak.
on 8/7/11 1:13 am - Willingboro, NJ
 You've been a model for the men of this forum, so I believe you will follow the doctor's orders without too much difficulty.  Your current weight is lower than most men's goal weights but if you must lose more, you know how to do it.  I'm just wondering how much of your weight is just saggy skin.  I know that you will make dietary adjustments.  I don't know how you could add any more exercise.
Michael P.
on 8/7/11 2:35 pm
I guess knowing is half the battle.  Just imagine where you might have been if you hadn't had surgery and got yourself to where you are now.  I'm sure it'll all work out great for you.  Keep the faith and try not to be too bummed!!

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