How much Protein ??

on 8/20/11 8:47 am - TX
Has anyone been given any guidelines through their Surgeon's office / dietician on the following:

A) Protein
B) Calorie intake

I did not find the dietician at my surgeon's office too forthcoming and on the web I read that we should be aiming for 60-80g per day.

Would be grateful of any feedback on this.

Tim T.
on 8/20/11 9:06 am - Eastham, MA
I was told 60 to 70 grams pretein as well, 600 to 700 calories daily
on 8/20/11 10:02 am - North Providence, RI
I meet with my Nut after 5 weeks. I am doing 1000 calories and at least 120 grams of protein a day. She was amazed I can get that much in but it's easy with isopure shakes at 52 grams a serving and only 230 calories.... I have noticed incredible results and am building muscle already and have just been cleared to start working out. It has worked great for me. Loosing at least 5 a week after the usual stall. 75 Since may 28 pre and post op... Not a Nut but it has worked out really good for me



on 8/20/11 12:16 pm - Houston, TX
I think that 60-80 is about the norm for protein. Some docs, mine for one, do not believe in counting calories especially at first. It's probably more important to worry about getting the protein in that the number of calories. With RNY especially, for a lot of us it's tough to get too many calories ... Food just isn't satisfying at first. In fact, I'm over a year out and still find that food does not have the allure it once did.
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on 8/21/11 1:24 pm
I agree with Ken and would suggest you focus more on protein and less on calories.

My doc's recommended I get 80 g of protein per day along with 64 oz of water. (One of the docs in the clinlic has said tha****er is water and everything else is food.) So, under his guidelines, even water with Crystal Light added would be considered food.

My docs were also very strict about foot intake. They said that meals during the first couple of weeks should not be greater than 2 oz per meal. They actually sent me home from the hospital with a 2 oz measuring cup and strict instructions to make sure my meals fit in their cup.

I'm now in maintenance mode and have met my goal weight. But, when taking with my doc 10 days ago, he said that I should still be limiting my meal intake to 6-8 oz per meal. He still says I should be getting 60-80 g of proten per day. But, he's not a big fan of drinking protein and recommends I stay away from protein shakes. He states that they will not make me feel full and I'd probably slip back in to eating more than I should.

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on 8/21/11 2:22 pm - TX
Thanks Guys... seems like I am in fact aiming in the right direction on my protein intake now... whenever I have tried to speak to the dietician at my surgeon's office, she just tries pointing in the direction of the pre-made microwave meals they sell. 

Don't get me wrong, my surgeon is great but will I ever pay another 60 bucks to see the dietician - NO!!

I like the idea of not having to count calories but it is nice just to have a rough idea of what other people have been told, although, @Tim: 600-700 seems a little difficult... I use around 500 or so  per day on my Protein shakes alone.

I think one of the problems I have been having is due to my one 'non-shake' meal I have each day, as for pure convenience I had started some of the healthier varieties of microwave meals but the problem is nothing comes without some sort of carb, e.g. Rice or Potatoes (I never get the ones with Pasta) and of course I then get the carb crash... however, this coming week I'm going to avoid these completely and go with cooked deli meats and a small amout of cheese - pure proteins from here on in.

I did really miss the crunch factor of eating, well I guess snacking is more the appropriate word but I do actually like raw carrots so I'm gonna swap my newly acquired Pretzel habit for Carrots and maybe a small amount of nuts and raisins too and see how I go. I'm also going to throw out my protein bars as it's just too tempting to snack on them, when I really just don't need them and I bought some non-fat low cal yogurts yesterday too and they taste pretty good.

Ken, I started out just like you in terms of food having no allure, but it's starting to creep back after just 5 months, hence my need to change things up a bit and concentrate on controlling the food before it starts controlling me again - guess I'm just scared that if I'm too weak I will go back to my old ways and I just can't have that.

Lammy it sounds like your 120g of protein is working for you, but I think i'll still aim for the 60-80g, the problem originally was that my intake was only at around 40-50g and I was feeling real weak.

Congrats OneFinger on getting to goal... cant beleive your doc is so rigid on the Crystal Light though, mind you before surgery I could'nt stomach drinking plain water but now it's pretty much all I drink other than my protein shakes - in fact now I don't really like it flavored so much at all.

Thanks guys - I really appreciate the feedback and I think I'm gonna get more involved with this forum as I need all the focus I can get.

(deactivated member)
on 8/23/11 5:40 am - FL
While I was in the hospital the Bariatric Nutritionist came to my room and gave me a personalized protein goal.  It is all based on sex and height and malabsorbtion (I had RNY).  So my daily goal is 91g-108g per day.  If you are shorter and/or you don't have malabsorbtion from RNY, it would be lower of course.  They told me not to worry about calories since if I stayed on my diet regime, the calories would limit themselves.  If I were to guess, my calories now are about 800-900 a day.
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