A week into the New Year

Don 1962
on 1/7/18 11:39 am

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Last week: 186.0

This week: 188.0

Uh oh. First week of 2018 off to rocky start.

Have a Great Week!

Never, and I mean NEVER, trust a fart!! 

(deactivated member)
on 1/7/18 12:06 pm
VSG on 10/11/16

I appear to have weathered the holidays well, but some would say I'm still in my honeymoon period. For most of December I lost and gained the same three pounds over and over, going back and forth between 273 - 276. Today I was down to 272.0 lbs.

Last week 274

This week 272

Starting weight 481

Total lost 209 lbs.

on 1/7/18 12:54 pm
VSG on 05/20/14

Hi guys,

Sunday weigh in.

I was thrilled to be down to 318.2 yesterday. Down from 321 last Sunday. Today I was 317 after almost 4k calories yesterday. Yesterday, i had a 2nd christmas, some alcohol, and pizza w/football. Funny how our bodies work, but not unexpected based on my history/knowledge of myself.

No gym visits, a little more movement than usual - a huge knot in my back!

lots of water

self awareness moment of how my avoidance of relationships has lead to alcohol/food vs facing reality

5 great days of sticking to protein, limiting carbs, and passing on free food.

5'10" Male : Consult Weight 428 1/16/14 : Pre-op m1 -3, m2 -12, m3 0, m4 -27 : SW 386 : m1 -25, m2 -22 m3 -15 4 -12: LW 278 CW 320 : Total Loss 108

on 1/8/18 10:47 am - Woodbury, MN
RNY on 01/16/14

I went into full blown travel mode yesterday and forgot to get the thread started. Thanks @don1962.

last week: 215

This week: 214

Better with mindful eating, but it didn't hurt that I was a bachelor all week and could control food a little better.

In Tampa now for the foreseeable future Monday through Friday's, so I need to be really careful. At least I get to escape the -15 degree weather this year.


Don 1962
on 1/8/18 1:58 pm

Thank you and nice perk to traveling being in more climate environment.

on 1/8/18 12:35 pm

201 on Sunday...199 today (Monday). I need to keep moving or avoid junk food. There is no "magic formula" for weightloss. Calories taken in vs calories burned (exercise or not). Mindful eating and some movement works the best for me. Headed to the coffee shop now. Going to get a cup of Navy Bean Soup...And a glass of water. Very boring, but it works for me. Have a great week. Brian

Don 1962
on 1/8/18 2:02 pm

If it works for you then who gives a hairy rat's patootey if it is boring on not! No worse than my boring daily poached egg w/cheese and homemade latte'.

(deactivated member)
on 1/8/18 2:13 pm
VSG on 10/11/16

Boring isn't always a bad thing. Early on I was trying for variety at breakfast. But for the past 10 months or so I've eaten the exact same thing practically every day - two fried eggs over easy with hot shot pepper, one ounce of cheese, and a slice of raisin toast with butter. Sometimes I'll go wild and eat sharp cheddar instead of Colby Jack, but that's about it.

on 1/8/18 3:00 pm
VSG on 11/29/17

Isn't that the truth about trusting farts. I made that mistake ... ONCE.

Don 1962
on 1/9/18 4:01 pm

Welcome to the group!

We ALL have made that poor life choice at least once!

Never, and I mean NEVER, trust a fart!! 

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