on 8/9/20 5:17 pm

Hello friends and thank you for accepting me into this wonderful group.

I have one question. My doctor put me on Wellbutrin for Menopause symptoms. He prescribed Wellbutrin hcl which is known as XR (extended release).

I was told bariatric patients cannot take any medication that is extended release because of our surgeries.

Would like to know your opinion.

Thank you.

on 11/2/20 10:25 am

It's not that you can't take an extended release medication - it's that you may not absorb it completely because it's meant to be absorbed in the portion of your small intestine that has been bypassed. Thus, you probably won't get the full effect. Most doctors aren't well informed on gastric bypass. I'm 19+ years out, and I've had varying reactions when I've told my doctors that certain medications aren't as therapeutic for me as they are for someone with an intact digestive system. I hope you and your doctor can find a medication that helps.

on 8/6/22 9:29 pm

I have been on Wellbutrin as a psych. Med for about 5 years. I have a new psychiatrist and a month ago he switched me from XR to immediate release as well as a higher dose. He has me crushing the pills and taking them twice a day rather than once. I have noticed a difference. I believe it is because my body is better able to absorb the medication this way.

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