Dr After WLS?

on 11/11/13 10:47 am - Alamogordo, NM

I am still hoping to go to Mexico for WLS if I ever can come up with the money. Any way my question is more about after surgery. What kind of Doctor should I see? Does it have to be another bariatric surgeon or will a gastroenterologist suffice?

on 11/11/13 11:25 am - Nashville, TN
Revision on 03/18/15
A gastroenterologist is overkill unless you are having problems. Most ppl use their pcps for after care,but the most importantly thing is to make sure the gastro or the Pcp agrees to see you and cover your needs after WLS in MX. Some will and some won't.




on 11/14/13 12:52 pm - Alamogordo, NM

Thank you for your response!

on 11/16/13 9:44 pm
RNY on 08/21/13

Definitely check if your PCP will follow-up. Some doctors will refuse to see you unless they are forced to since the surgery is being done in Mexico.


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