Sleeve scheduled in December - How did you all verify?

on 11/13/15 5:52 am, edited 11/13/15 6:21 am

I am struggling with my decision. Baiatric surgery is not covered by my insurance. I know and have spoken with someone who had her surgery with Dr. Elias Ortiz and A Lighter Me. She had nothing but positive things to say. I scheduled my surgery and then started my research. 

I would like to be able to verify that Mi Doctor Hospital has whatever licenses might be required by Mexico. I know the hospital is not JCI accredited but what about Mexico CSG Accreditation (voluntary) or SiNaCEA . 

I have also checked into Dr. Elias Ortiz. One site states that he is accredited by the American College of surgeons, but when I search for him on the American College of Surgeons site; I can't find him. 

I am a planner and researcher by nature. I like to know every bit of information possible. The lack of information is worrisome. How did you all work past the unknowns?



Sherrie P.
on 11/17/15 6:02 pm
RNY on 02/06/13

We went with Dr. Gonzales - because I was able to find good info about Florence hospital (where he operates) and he has been doing the surgery laproscopically since 1996. 4000 procedures. Reviews said good English.  Just a leap of faith when all was said and done. The people we met in Tijuana that used Dr. Zalvasa were super happy too. He had a great support staff. Bariatric Pal.

Good luck - it is a hard decision for sure!

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Plastic surgery 8/28/2014: Brachioplasty, mastopexy, & abdominoplasty.

Plastic surgery 1/27/2015: Butt Lift


Sandra F.
on 11/19/15 7:13 am

I was also frightened by the lack of information on some doctors, so I chose a doctor that I could find the most information on, that was in my price range as well.  I had my surgery with Dr. Fernando Garcia in October 2014, am 113 lbs down and loving the sleeve life.  I asked a TON of questions of my coordinator and went on this and other sites to see if I could find anything at all negative about him, which at the time, I could not.  The very first doctor that I had chosen I found out lost his license to practice medicine in another country so when I switched, I researched the heck out of who I finally went with.  Based on my experience and a couple of others that I know have had surgery with him (from this board), I would recommend him.  Good luck to you on whomever you choose. 



on 11/21/15 3:49 pm

I am looking at Mexico too, and just can't decide...I'll keep touching base with u...

on 11/23/15 8:43 pm

I had mine with Dr Mario Camelo Ramos at Florence Hospital in July, as I always say...I would recomended him FOREVER!!!

Veronica, Dr Reyna...all of them are great!! they always checkin up on me!! wich its great!!! 

I don´t know why you can fins much about him, but he has a Facebook page.

Good luck..WLS has change my life adn I have no regrets in going to Tijuana and had it done!! everything was just perfect!!

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