Baja Bariatics verses Bariactic Pal MX for Dr. Ilan

on 8/15/17 11:02 am

I am considering Dr. Ilan for Gastric Sleeve surgery. Can someone explain to me the differences between the two services? They both offer surgery with Dr. Illan.

Thanks- Tracy


on 8/18/17 10:01 am

Hi Tracy,

I am going thru the same thing as you I believe, trying to decide who to use as well as which operation to get. But to answer your question, I believe Baha Bariatrics is the name of his practice and Bariatric Pal MX is the company who coordinates and sales the surgery package for surgeries performed by Dr. Illan in Mexico. I think that's how it is.

There are so many out there it is hard to decide. I want to have a successful surgery as well as have a good experience.