Lapband removed now going to Mexico

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on 11/16/18 11:35 pm

Hi guys, am a low bmi patient (bmi 32) and am heading to Mexico for hopefully a sleeve

had a band removed a year ago

have researched Go Light & Dr Zavalza

any experience any advice?

who are the best of the best surgeons there?

on 11/22/18 11:05 am - Tijuana, Mexico
VSG on 02/28/18

Well, there are excellent surgeons in Mexico, (I used Dr Ramos Kelly) I have known him since 2005 and had surgery 02.28.2018 and now I have reached my goal weight. I have nothing but good things to talk about him, he is a FACS, IFASMBS and Funding Member of the Mexican College for Obesity Surgery and Metabolic Disease.

HW 240

SW 214

CW 140

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on 11/22/18 11:48 am

Thank you! I really appreciate your reply x

on 7/25/19 10:14 pm
Adjustable Gastric Band on 06/07/07

In what city does Dr. Kelly perform surgery?

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