Scheduled my surgery with Dr. Gerardo Garcia Alvarez


on 2/11/19 5:22 pm
VSG on 04/29/19

Hi all,

I'm so excited and nervous that I have scheduled my VSG for April 29th 2019 with Dr. Alvarez! Has anybody else used him for this surgery?

I would love some advice from anybody who has been through this surgery with or without Dr. Alvarez. Any suggestions as to what to take to the hospital? What kind of pain is there? How is the recovery? How long until I can walk, drive, have sex (haha - that is the one my husband wants me to ask ;)?

Thanks so so much :)

on 4/4/19 12:15 pm
VSG on 03/27/19

My surgery was with Dr. Guillermo Alvarez with Endobariatric. A Dr. Alvarez but different from yours!


on 5/3/19 8:35 am

Looking into surgery in Mexico. How did yours go?

Kathy S.
on 5/3/19 9:36 am - InTheBurbs, XX
RNY on 08/29/04 with

You have mail

HW:330 - GW:150 - MW:118-125

RW:190 - CW:130

on 7/11/19 10:39 am - British Columbia, Canada
VSG on 04/18/14 with

I would love to know this as well!!! I was looking into the same surgeon.

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