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James M.
on 4/10/19 3:48 pm - SAGINAW, MN

So I had my second total hip surgery last November, my joints just cant haul 300 plus pounds around anymore, had a lot of complications this time, took much longer than I thought to get back to work, through pain and rehab havent been able to workout sitting around gaining weight my life is in a serious spiral. finally get back to work and was referred by my regular doc to get a revision of my band. begin the program, things are starting to look up and wham!! My company fires me. I assume they got wind that I was considering more surgery and more time off. Now I have no Job, no health insurance and an Obesity problem that is killing me. For a week I literally couldnt keep a clear thought in my head. Switched over to get insurance through my wifes company and they dont cover weight loss services of any kind. So I think its the end for me.

Until last week my wife asks a colleague how she did her VSG without insurance; The answer Pompeii Surgical. Every thing has fallen into place like it was meant to be including some severance money I didnt know I had. IM scheduled for revision surgery April 28th, start my liquid diet next monday OMG!!!

Any advice, thoughts prayers etc. will be very much appreciated.



on 7/11/19 10:41 am - British Columbia, Canada
VSG on 04/18/14 with

How did it go!? I'm happy to hear it all worked out for you. I'm hoping life is going much better now that you are post-op . I'm looking into revision surgery in Mexico as well.

James M.
on 7/11/19 1:10 pm - SAGINAW, MN

It went awesome no side effects or complications. Im down about 40 Lbs if you have any ??? LMK



on 11/11/19 6:37 pm


I had to have both knees replaced due to weight causing osteoarthritis. I can feel for you. Good luck in the future. Keep up the great work.

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