Surgery Scheduled 08/08 - Anyone had Bypass from AloBariactrics - Dr. Alejandro Lopez?

on 6/3/19 2:03 pm
Mini Gastric Bypass on 08/08/19

Hello all,

I just scheduled my surgery with Dr. Lopez. Because I have bad acid reflux he recommends Bypass instead of the sleeve. Does anyone have any information on Dr. Lopez or his recommendation?

Thanks for any input...

on 6/23/19 3:02 pm


I am a nurse doing research on surgeons and surgeries and wanted to reply since no one else has so far. I have not seen a lot on Dr Lopez, but everything was positive. As far as the reflux, I have that also. All clinical studies say the bypass is not as likely to cause reflux as the sleeve will. Bypass is also not as likely to make reflux worse. That being said reflux is often a result of diet, not always but often. Studies do show to improve reflux, more sleeve patients have to alter diet within the years after surgery where bypass balances out with or without diet changes.

All bariatric surgeries may have reflux problems that can resolve the first two years, so do not be alarmed right away.

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