Dr Joya Puerta Vallarta

on 1/20/20 9:11 pm
VSG on 02/20/20

Has anybody had their sleeve done here. I'm heading down in February with my wife

on 2/19/20 8:06 pm
VSG on 06/01/16


I had surgery with Dr. Hoya in May 2016. I received great care. I found the hospital to be beautiful, clean and safe and nursing and medical staff to be very attentive. At that time they kept you for three days post-op for the post-op swallow study, pain management and aftercare. Then you are discharged home to a lovely resort to recover for a few more days with meds like omeprazole, antibiotics and an oral non-opiate pain med. the day before you fly home the Dr. Joya visits you in the hotel to remove the staples from your incision and you're good to go!

I hope this helps and you enjoy the same success I have. I've been at goal for years and just completed all my plastics!

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