Dr Joya????

Felice H.
on 7/3/03 10:40 am - Seattle, WA
Has anyone here heard of a Dr. Joya in Puerta Vallarta? He is advertising on his website a total package of $9.750.00 for air , hotel, tests, surgery, and hospital. If you sign up before the end of this month. Does this sound fishy?
Kristie N.
on 7/8/03 1:04 pm - Springfield, Il
I have been looking into prices for about a month most Drs do not incl air some not even hotel this is a good price could you send me info on him? when is your Surgery planned for?
Steve G.
on 8/17/03 9:50 pm - Palmetto, FL
This is strictly a personal, unscientific opinion. I looked at the site and read most of the material. 3 deaths in 1100 surgeries is a little on the scary side - the most commonly given average for this kind of surgery is 1 in a thousand. But the price is excellent, and the DS looks to me to be a better procedure than the RNY in some ways - it is less of a disruption of the natural state of affairs, there's no dumping, and the weight loss seems comparable to plain RNY. But DS is a much more difficult procedure to perform, there's more post-op pain (vs lap-RNY), a longer recovery, and higher risk of complications and death. And it's a long plane ride, at . I'm already committed to lap-RNY in about two weeks, but what I've learned about DS, and the low cost of offshore surgery, makes me seriously want to reconsider my options....
on 2/5/04 3:03 pm - MARSEILLES, IL
Had surgery with Dr Joya and he was excellent - as was his staff. Hospital was clean , up to date and wonderfully staffed. Much better than any hospital I've ever been to in America. Faye Davis [email protected]
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