Gastric Balloon - 12 month adjustable Spatz 3 - Toronto

Megan M.
on 10/24/18 11:37 am - Canada

Hello All,

As I don't qualify for surgery (besides I'm not brave enough for it), I am hoping to qualify to get the Spatz3 12 month adjustable Gastric Balloon next month.

It has only been approved in Canada since Oct 17 of last year (2017) and there is only one private clinic in Canada that offers it.

There is little info out there on 12 month balloons and most peeps that have had them got the procedure in Mexico, Australia and a few places in Europe. There are FB groups that I've joined for support but wanted to share here also in case there are a few of members here.

If anyone already has experience with this balloon I'd love to hear about it. If you are interested in reading about my journey (I've not even qualified for it yet), I'll be posting on my blog on this site so feel free to click "follow" or whatever the button is to follow someone's blog.

Oct 2018 - Family Dr Referral, Detox Diet

Nov 2018 - Pre-Op Appt (scheduled), Gastric Balloon Insert (TBD)

HW: 272.6 > CW: 229.0 > GW: 120-135

Found this weight loss %age calculator that helps see weight loss in a different perspective, thought I'd share:

So I'm tracking my current %age of my goal lost. 100% = 142 lbs to lose. Currently I have lost 43 lbs so that is 43/142 = 30% of my goal - YAY ME!

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