update on insission

Arlene J.
on 4/5/11 8:13 am - Barrie, Canada
as you are aware, I have two small openings.
one acting like a drain, and the other is just there..

Well, I met with Dr Nanda, and Dr Pennington..both agree no drain substance pockets in area..So they both agreed that my packing needs to be changed to benodine dressing..
The good news is the drainage has really slowed down..and it is now 4.5 cm..instead of 5
so I am hoping that tomorrow it is shallower..

But here is something I didn't know...When your trying to heal and get that nasty chest cold
your immune system depletes and the antiobtics and the immune system goes to fight the cold which doesn't help the healing at all.

So I have had to bugs since I came home..one that chest infection right after I got home and the second the toncilittis about three weeks ago

No freggin wonder I am not healing..  so now I am on 1000 cc's vit C.. and the antibotic Clavulain which I should have been on when I had the onset of toncilitis

Well that is the update..Take great care all.
Eileen C.
on 4/5/11 8:45 am - Cornwall, Canada
RNY on 10/12/09 with
Hi Arlene

Sending you warm hugs and healing vibes you way 

Hopefully all will heal now that you are getting more meds

Take care

            my angel is Lisa48                                        
on 4/5/11 9:37 am
My wish for you is a speedy healing everywhere :)
on 4/5/11 10:28 am - St Thomas, Canada
Arlene also make sure you are eating lots of protein for healing like 100-120 grams per day.


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on 4/5/11 10:31 am
I'm a little concerned. Our wound care specialists and current best practice guidelines restrict betadine to wounds that we don't expect to heal- sadly there are people out there who have them. As your wound is several weeks old it might need some more sophisticated wound care management and materials. I deal with this daily- still shaking my head at one particular doctors' comments and orders. Thankfully, the wound care Advanced Practice Nurse sorted him out for me. I would ask your home care nurse to seek a consult with the wound care APN.

Extra vit C- 3-5,000 mg a day might help, also make sure you are getting in active culture yogurt or probiotics to counter the negative effects of the antibiotics.

It took 7 weeks for my abscess to heal with no other problems- it was 7 cm at the beginning.

good luck
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Help a great kid.

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