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tricia lynch
on 5/7/11 11:14 pm - thorold, Canada
so tomorrow is my 39th birthday and hopefully it will be my lasy birthday as the fat and funny girl.. my question that is in my head is since i will not be doing the big 40 next year do i allow my husband to get me my last cake this year? my last bday cake was my 30th lol. doing the whole hiking tomorrow for my birthday if rain stays away ) want some nice nature pics of my 2 and 1 year olds :)
on 5/7/11 11:18 pm
Happy Birthday too you , have a good day .
on 5/7/11 11:19 pm
Well if it were me I would have the birthday cake - and enjoy your day
It doesnt look like you have had surgery yet - so good for you for being mindful of your eating

Also - you will likely have a few bites of birthday cake when you are at goal....I have a few bites - and I mean 2 - 3 max - and I am satisfied and feel like I have celebrated

Happy Birthday tomorrow Tricia






on 5/8/11 12:03 am - Athens, Canada
Happy Birthday Tricia.

I think that I would eat a piece of cake and enjoy.  If you aren't on Optifast you have nothing to feel guilty about and you can always work off the calories in a fun celebratory way! lol

Just think about all the changes that this next year will bring. You will be a new and healthier woman.  I had my surgery the day before my birthday and it was the best gift I've ever given myself. 

Enjoy and good luck.
Monica M.
on 5/8/11 12:07 am - Penetanguishene, Canada
Happy Birthday to you. Have some cake, everything in moderation at this stage of the game.
on 5/8/11 12:52 am - Cambridge, Canada
You can still have cake after surgery - you just need to be creative!

I got SF cake mixes and icing in the US!  And I have tried a few SF cake recipes from scratch.  You could even make a "protein ice cream" SF ice cream cake for yourself!

I know its not the same as having your hubby buy a cake for your 40th - but when you are enjoying that nice, SF cake on your 40th BD as a skinny will be worth it!

Enjoy whatever cake you want this year though!
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tricia lynch
on 5/8/11 12:56 am - thorold, Canada
Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes and advice.. no surgery yet for me just trying to starts everything now .. i don't see the sw and diatrition until july 27th lmao of course my 15 year wedding annivarsary lol but i just look at he bigger picture in the end.. these are my first appointments since orientation :) so im trying to get prepared for the new life..

tried cutting out pop alreaady but i need to see my family doctor because while trying i started getting the shakes breaking out in cold sweats i was asked when the last pop i had was when i had a glass just after that the shakes slowly stopped.. it was actually pretty scary .. ANYONE else ever have this happen? is it normal.. i rarely ever had pop untilo 17 years ago when i met my husband he turned me into a coca cola addict lol.. never really has fast food either damn him lol but he was lean nd mean and sexy too so never really fazed us when we gained weight at first cause we did it together. so after my surgery and i start to become that sexy momma dying to get out i will repay my husband and turn him into my pin up guy lol.. just kidding i will just be greatful that not only i will benifit but he will as well and we will both live longer and healthier lives for our baby boys..

Happy Mothers day you guys.. even if your not a mother i think sometime in life you made a differant in some little ones life
on 5/8/11 1:02 am - Cambridge, Canada
Do you drink diet cola or regular?

If it's regular pop - I'd consider getting your blood sugar checked.  Could be a blood sugar reaction - each can of regular pop has something like the equivalent of 1/4c white sugar in it...

If diet - could be the caffeine - particularly if you drink a lot. 

Of course - could also be psychological - kind of like the DT's for someone going off a drug!! ;0)

If you're drinking a lot of coke - try cutting down slowly instead of going cold turkey.  Today, drink pop as normal, but record EVERY can - when you have it and why you felt the need to have it.  Then, at the end of the day, figure out which pop you can most easily ditch.  Cross that off the list, and follow the "schedule" tomorrow.  Every couple days, cross another soda off the list until you're down to none.

There is no reason why you should have to have pop for a medical need - so you just need to wean yourself off.
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Sean S.
on 5/8/11 5:14 am - Perkinsfield, Canada
 You can get SF Cake mixes made by Pillsbury and SF Icing (once again - only available state-side)

I have a chocolate birthday cake waiting for me when I get home tonight!  They are quite tasty and moist, not neccessarily low calorie, but great for a special occasion.  we have tried the white, and the chocolate, and both are quite good.

btw - Happy Birthday!!
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Diminishing Dawn
on 5/8/11 8:34 am - Windsor, Canada
In my opinion, save it for your 40th. If you weren't going to have it anyway, why have it?  There's lots of opportunities later on. Trust me, cake won't be out of the question forever. Also may bakeries do low sugar options, there are sugar free mixes etc.

It's not going to be the last time you have cake by any means.  Don't mourn food that you think you will never eat again.  Trust me, it will be there in a year, in two years, three years....cake just never goes away! LOL!


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