tricia lynch
on 5/22/11 2:19 am - thorold, Canada
Ok so i been excited giving up the pop and i thought i was doing good switching to Crystal Light.. Now three people have warned me to becareful on Crystal light because it is not as good as i thought it was.. can someone please fill me in lol.. these are people that have not had the surgery or going through it so not sure if they have the correct info about it or i just was not warn about it??
Bonnie ABC
on 5/22/11 2:27 am - Smiths Falls, Canada
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Not sure.. I've been drinking it for almost three years straight as I cannot drink plain water, sits like a rock. I don't drink coffee... did got a tea binge about three months out.. but crystal light has been my only source of fluids.


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Karen M.
on 5/22/11 2:30 am, edited 5/22/11 2:31 am - Mississauga, Canada
They may be concerned about the artificial sweetener in them. I drink it all the time - I'm still alive. lol



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on 5/22/11 2:30 am - Canada
VSG on 05/11/12
Hi Tricia!

Did they say what was so bad about it? I mean, what makes them say that? I've been drinking Crystal Light a lot for the past 3 years and I haven't read anything bad about it.

Cheryl Allan
on 5/22/11 2:32 am - Canada
I drink it every day, maybe they mean because it is chemicals and I would say it is a wayyyyy lot better than drinking coke or any other pop, I would choose it over pop anyday, there is always two sides and they will never agree on the same thing so you go with what you think is right for you, so far everything these days is bad for us even the good stuff but I wont stop drinking it its all I can drink lol
Cheryl Allan

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tricia lynch
on 5/22/11 2:38 am - thorold, Canada
ya they say it is the aspartame in it that is not good to drink too much .. but i have never hard of harm from that ..           think maybe people just overreact to small things and think things are worse then the are :( i dont know i guess we wil see what happens if anything                                                                                                                                            
Karen M.
on 5/22/11 2:43 am - Mississauga, Canada
There are lots of studies that say it is harmful (aspartame). I always look at it like being 160 pounds overweight was slightly more harmful. LOL



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Megan M.
on 5/22/11 2:41 am - Canada
Crystal light is recommended by our NUTs, so have faith in that.  I got kind of sick of it after awhile, and now I drink plain water or I dilute vitamin water - not for the vitamins, but for the taste.  
oddly enough, I don't like sweet drinks, so the diluted flavoured water works well for me.  Perhaps it will for you as well.
tricia lynch
on 5/22/11 4:58 am - thorold, Canada
Ok well i feel better now.. I told them the Nuts recommend it as well and they would not give us something that would harm us... plus good point Karen about being over weight harming us more or the fact how many 2 liter bottles of reg pop i drank a day. that was prob WAY more harmful..

thanks you guys and sorry for some dumb questions i ask or when i panick like this time lol just got confused i will continue to drink it.. i on ly drink 4-5 a day i have learn to pace out the drinking also in the last few days so im taking smaller sips and lasting longer :)
Diminishing Dawn
on 5/22/11 5:54 am - Windsor, Canada
One caveat with Crystal lite too is that artificial sweeteners trick the brain into thinking something sweet is coming, and when it doesn't come, it can make it crave more sweets. That's why a mix of crystal lite and water is a good thing down the line. :) 

Water is still #1 =) But early out crystal lite is a lifesaver!


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