so over my relationship

tricia lynch
on 5/21/11 11:18 pm - thorold, Canada
So i have had this relationship for about 20 years i was introduced to this bad boy by my bff and today is 2.5 days that i gave it up.. no more Coca~Cola for me. i know it dont seem like a big deal but it is a bigger addction them my smoking was. i never drank water once in a blue moon and now i traded my coke for Crystal Light and what a better trade cause Crystal is more refreshing...Thank you WLS if i would never decide to start this progress out i would still be on it.. b y the time i go to have surgery i will be 100% ready to kick this weights ass cause i will already be using a lot of the tools like cuting out the sugar.. What a differance not gra bbing a coke for breakfast :)
on 5/21/11 11:32 pm
Good for you Tricia!! I am sipping on an ice cold Crystal light Pink Lemonade right now too! I love them. They are addicting!!
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Megan M.
on 5/21/11 11:40 pm - Canada
Giving up the diet coke for me was more difficult than I thought it would be.  Caffeine - no problem.  I figured the diet coke would be just as easy.  Not a chance.  I gave it up in January, thinking my surgery would be soon (the two months before thing), and here it is the end of May.  It was not easy, that's for sure.  I have had the occasional one, and find that I really don't care for the taste so much anymore.  Now that my surgery will probably be happening this summer, I'm off totally.  One thing that I do like is diluted vitamin waters.  You might want to try them as well.
(deactivated member)
on 5/21/11 11:56 pm - Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada
Good for you ~ kicking that bad boy to the curb is just what you need to do!  I spent about as many years as you, catering to the demands of Diet Coke ... do I have enough in the house to last the weekend?  Who's got it on sale this week?  etc, etc.  I gave it up just over a year ago and I have to say that I don't miss it at all.  I've tried a sip or two since our "break-up" and like many bad relationships, now I have to ask myself "what did I ever see in it/him?"  Yuck!

tricia lynch
on 5/22/11 2:22 am - thorold, Canada
it feels great knowing im trying to do the right and healthy thing.. i just did nother post thou cause ppl been telling me it is not good for me to drink that cause something to do with aspiten so now im confused lol
on 5/22/11 4:05 am, edited 5/22/11 4:05 am
WTG! Quitting pop was hard for me too! Good thing you are doing it before surgery - it was way easier for me to do it that way too!
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on 5/22/11 7:07 am - Cambridge, Canada
 Good for you.  Diet Coke was so hard to give up.  But in the end you will be so prepared for the surgery and not have to go through giving up everything at one.


Dr. Reed
VSG May 24/2011

on 5/22/11 11:09 am
My dad is a diabetic and because of this, we always had diet pop in the house as a kid. I got addicted to pop as a little kid and it followed me right through to my early-20s, I could drink of to 8 Diet Dr. Pepper per day. When I was diagnosed with IBS about 4 years ago, I started excluding different foods and found that I was sensitive to carbonation and aspartame. I started cutting down and eventually stopped drinking them all together, and it made a difference for my IBS (I also take a medication for it that helps tremendously!). While I miss pop occasionally, when I allow myself a 'treat' and order one at a restaurant or something, I quickly realize I don't even really like it anymore. It is soooo sweet, and kind of sickening. It cures me of my nostalgia for pop very quickly and I don't even crave it again for months! These days I'm drinking Crystal Light and Vitamin Water and loving it. I occasionally drink carbonated water and I'm working on totally giving that up before surgery. Mostly I just wanted to encourage you that while it could be hard for a little while, I'm sure before long you won't even miss it. And as for the aspartame - don't worry about it. There is a lot of bad information out there, people think it causes cancer, etc, but it has been studied intensely and there is ZERO evidence that it has negative health consequences for humans, other than diarrhea and gas if you happen to be sensitive to it like I am. I find diluting the Crystal Light with double the water it calls for fixes that problem (and improves the taste!). Good luck!
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