Can not believe it

tricia lynch
on 5/26/11 1:31 pm - thorold, Canada
So me the pop junkie gave up pop last friday and last night i dreeded it but got on the scale and i lost 6 fricken pounds just giving up pop.. Holy smokes i know it dont seem like a lot but WOW it is to me. i actually feel i have more energy as well..The start of my new life is working out so awesome i can not wait for the rest of the pieces to fall in place and then have the surgery.. this tool is going to save my life and alloow me to be around longer for my boys  there really is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and i can not wait to get to it
Tanya T.
on 5/26/11 1:35 pm
Congratulations on giving up the pop that's was a hard one for me too.  Where are you having the surgery?...any appointments yet??  I'm in Port Colborne I see your in St. Kitts...
on 5/26/11 8:57 pm - Newmarket, Canada
Hijack- my bf is from Port Colborne, we go there quite a bit ;)   just sayin'....
Good luck with your upcoming surgery, it will be here before you know it :)

BELOW GOAL        Happily maintaining 4.5 years out!!   Life is GREAT!!!  Had my plastic surgery! 


tricia lynch
on 5/26/11 2:09 pm - thorold, Canada
Hello how are you.. i will be THANK GOD going to st joes in Hamilton :) they are amazing there. i had orientaion april and i go july 27th to se social worker and nut so getting excited .. i pretty much grew up in port colborne. My grandmother is the late Ruby Conway who wrote for the paper so every holiday and summer breaks i stayed with her.. Always an adventure. i miss it have not been back for ever :(

Pop was i thought going to be the hardest i use to drink so much of it and reg not diet but last friday i was like forget it going to stop drinking it now.. knowing i would before surgery i just figure might as well get a jump start

i will add you to my friends list :) so i aint yacking away out here lol
Manda M.
on 5/26/11 2:12 pm
I was the same way. I lost 6 pounds in one week giving up pop. I haven't had it since my orientation in February.  Keep it up!
tricia lynch
on 5/26/11 2:18 pm - thorold, Canada
i switched to crystal light and facebook if your on it and go to crystal light canada has free samples :)!/CrystalLightCanada
on 5/26/11 2:55 pm - Canada
Congrats Tricia. With attitude and drive like yours, you're bound for success.
~Just another day for you and me in paradise. 

tricia lynch
on 5/26/11 3:08 pm - thorold, Canada
Thank you very much.. I realllllly hope so i do not want to fail or let anyone down... im doin g this for me first off so im healthier also for my family.. this is the biggest thing i ever done and scariest but i know i have the power to make it or fail. there is no room for failing.. so i keep looking at the bigger picture like running with my 1 and 2 year old riding a bike again i know i can now but without some jackass yelling where did the seat go. having photos of my and my boys cause i do not take many of us together cause i do not want them to feel ashamed when they are older if someone says something..

i will admit i did stick my tongue in my husbands pop tonight but i did not drink any.. the taste was horrible. i just wish there was more people around me that can relate to all this.. ther is a support group but they meet in a differant town and i do not drive so bllla that sucks but i will do it :) :)
on 5/26/11 5:37 pm - Canada
hey, i like your positive attitude.
atta girl, giving up the pop.
i've been off it for over a year and can honestly say, i don't miss it one bit.

Monica M.
on 5/26/11 11:14 pm - Penetanguishene, Canada
Tricia, do not worry about letting anyone down. This is about YOU, no one else. Be selfish. Don't disappoint yourself (but remember, also, that if you do have slip ups, you are only human, just get back on track as quickly as possible)
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