tricia lynch
on 5/28/11 4:02 pm - thorold, Canada
so looking for someone in my hometown St Catharines who would like to be my angel and give me a good butt kicking when needed.. i do not drive so i miss the support group things i know a few people that had the surgery done but funny thing is it is harder to talk to people you know then a stranger. so far i been pretty good i have a pretty good positive attitude right now and hopefully it will remain but everyone has an off day once in awhile

Thank Tricia
on 5/29/11 9:25 am - Hamilton, Canada
I'm not in St. Catharines (anymore) but I'm bumping this up for those who sort by recent posts.


Former RNY patient revising to Sleeve then DS.
Appts: Dietitian - January 21/19; July 16/19, August 13/19, September 17/19, October 15/19; Social Worker: August 23/19; DS Orientation: March 20/19; Internist: September 30/19; Surgeon: November 13/19 (signed consent).
Surgery Date: February 28/20.


tricia lynch
on 5/29/11 1:00 pm - thorold, Canada
:) thanks just make it hard i never got my licence and all the meeting are in Niagara falls :( so makes it a bit hard and sure it great all the people out here but would be nice if i coul catch the bus and meet up with someone in the real world lol
Mary A.
on 5/30/11 2:47 am
Tricia I am not in St. catherines, but would gladly kick your butt when needed via e-mail

prior to surgery 323lbs....4 years post-op maintaining between 108- 114 lb loss. 

life is AMAZING when you continue on the right path~!.  Use your surgeons gift to the fullest~!

surgery done in Duluth, MN

tricia lynch
on 5/30/11 1:09 pm - thorold, Canada
congrats on the weight loss love hearing such awesome stories
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