question about liquid protein

tricia lynch
on 6/6/11 4:42 pm - thorold, Canada
Just wondering when the time comes do i haveto use Boost or can i use body fortress 100% whey protein powder? Just ewondering so i can start to slowly stock up on things.. thank you very much
on 6/6/11 4:45 pm - Canada
That entiely depends on which hospital you're having your procedure at.

If you're St Joe's in Hamilton (which I suspect you are) you will find that their regimen afterward consists of Diabetic Boost.

However, I would caution you against stockingpiling too much, because not everyone can tolerate the Diabetic Boost post-op.
I couldn't, and was left with two 6-packs I had to give to someone.

IMO, you would do well to wait until they give you the written cribsheet, for purchasing large amounts of the post-op nourishment.
tricia lynch
on 6/6/11 5:27 pm - thorold, Canada
Thanks you for the reply and yes at st joes :) I will wait then lol just dont want to forget anything and last minute be like grrrrrrrrrr lol
Marny B.
on 6/6/11 9:53 pm - Canada

At St. Joe's (unless it has changed), you can use Boost, or Carnation Instant Breakfast (NSA).  A friend of mine who lives in St. Catherines and has access to cross boarder shopping, uses the Carnation and buys it in the pwdered packets (which you can't get here). They are much cheaper, and she says they taste better.

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tricia lynch
on 6/6/11 11:51 pm - thorold, Canada
Thanks marny for the info apply for my nexus card so i can get over there so i will be sure to buy it there :)
on 6/6/11 11:56 pm, edited 6/6/11 11:57 pm - Canada
Having a nexus card ROCKS! You can use it when you fly in Canada to go to the front of the security lines at the airport even if you aren't going to the states! They are good for a long time - I'm on my second one .. and even though I don't go to the US much anymore I can't imagine being without one.

Oh if you travel with a friend everyone in the car needs the nexus card to take advantage of the Nexus lanes.
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on 6/7/11 2:12 am - Canada
I'm really surprised about the Carnation Instant Breakfast. It's available in stores here in Ottawa and I asked my mom to pick me up a box. She picked up 4!!! But they're really high in sugar so I sent them back. I'd love to be able to use them because they are delicious.

Here in Ottawa they recommend anything with whey protein isolate. They also recommend some soy protein products but IMO

I stockpiled at Popeye's before surgery. I got a jumbo vanilla, a regular sized chocolate and a regular sized fruit blast. Not a great idea. I'm so sick of it all. LOL I returned the chocolate and still have 2/3 of the vanilla and half of the fruit blast. I've ended up buying some ready mixed Myoplex as well as some of the protein waters offered at Shopper's.

Good luck. I hope you like it.
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tricia lynch
on 6/7/11 6:13 am - thorold, Canada
yes trying to talk mysister into nexus card they all have passports :( plus i have all my mommas family over there i have not been over since they made it you need passports :( so none of them have met my two boys so it will rock to go there again shopping and family..
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