tricia lynch
on 8/3/11 8:52 am - thorold, Canada
i have not been on for a bit.. i got lots of updates on my health while getting things ready for surgery.. was just wy to much to handle problems i never knew i had like an enlarge spleen left kidney smaller then normal then on top of it i have 4 kidneys as well as i have PCOS which is Polycystic ovary syndrome. explains a lot going like since i was 13 i only get one period a year or 1 day every few months then the sudden weight gain a lot more symptoms. been a roller coaster i went on pills for then to help me out a bit and already lost 20 pounds.. pcos causes weigh gain for many i'm now happy i have answers because i never did over eat which made it so upsetting that i was gaining weight.. i cancelled my surgery going to try one last time on my own since i have answers now that i was never told before.. sad thing is now i have to wait until october for a new doctor.. my doctor had all this info yet NEVER bothered to share it with me just was like ya have surgery.. and then when telling me about the enlarge spleen and kidney and pcos he said he is not going to worry about anything right now just check in a few more years see how i'm doing.. this bothered me greatly because my mother died at 45 of ovarian cancer. i will co ntinue to pop in because everyone has been great to me and plus the recipes are awesome and i want to continue working on my health and weight thank you to everyone who has helped and to my angel she will always be my angel
on 8/3/11 9:06 am - Canada
All the best for your journey!! I know what its like with PCOS I have had it since I was 14 and it sucks..I also found out durng my pre-op testing that I have an enlarged sleen but after running some tests they couldnt find anything wrong with me so they just chalk it up to my size. Well no matter which path you take I wish you nothing but the best!!
Referral sent to Guelph: April 2010        Second app (Nut/ Nurse): Jan. 31st/ 11
Orientation: September 16th, 2010        Surgery information class: May 10th/ 11          
Sleep Study: No sleep apnea                 Surgeon (Dr.Reed): July 19th/ 11     
H-pylori: Negative                                   PATTS: August 12th/ 11
(Nut/SW/Nurse): Dec.9th/10                     Surgery: August 18th/ 11                 
Eileen C.
on 8/3/11 9:09 am - Cornwall, Canada
Hi Tricia

Welcome back, glad to hear that you have gotten some answers to your health issues and

will be on the right track to resolve those issues.

Things will get better

Take care

            my angel is Lisa48                                        
on 8/3/11 11:10 am - Canada
VSG on 05/11/12

Hi Tricia
Well, you certainly have learned an awful lot about your body and I can imagine that it really gave you a lot to think about. At least you now have a better idea of how the PCOS contributed to your weight gain.  I'm glad to hear that you are going to continue to stay on your quest to be as healthy as you can and I'm also glad that you are going to see a new doctor. Take good care of yourself and pop in to let us know how you are making out, okay? Best of luck to you Tricia!


tricia lynch
on 8/3/11 3:42 pm - thorold, Canada
Thank you i'm determain to become healthy as i wanted to before just going to take a lot more work..  Just greatful that i was not going crazy i knew something was wrong but my doctor just seems to say don't worry about it.. i have 2 amazing little boys 2.5 and 1.5 that i was told all my life i would never have.. i MADE that dream happen without just giving up the fight so this weight issue i will WIN as well because i will not give up the fight and i will be healthy and alive for my boys :)
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