8 months post-op VSG today

on 7/18/12 10:35 am - Canada
New vlog here. Time as flown by.

on 7/18/12 11:08 am - Hamilton, Canada

Surgery date May 7 / 2012
Highest 312 lbs - Pre Op 297lbs - now 199 lbs
I know now that my location was never my destination.



on 7/19/12 3:24 am - Canada
Thank you!
on 7/18/12 12:50 pm - Toronto, Canada
Way to go! You look wonderful and are a great inspiration to all of us who have not hit the bench yet.
Referral April 2012, Surgery August 21, 2012
on 7/19/12 3:25 am - Canada
Thank you! I know when I was waiting for surgery, seeing other people ahead of me helped, to a point, the time pass.

on 7/18/12 2:38 pm - Toronto, Canada
Congrats on your great accomplishments.

Highest W 312   Referral W 252   Surgery W 237   CW 156  Height 5'6"            


on 7/19/12 3:26 am - Canada
Thank you! I see you have 29lbs to go. Congrats to you as well!
on 7/18/12 6:15 pm - Timmins, Ontario, Canada
Congratulations w/ your weight loss. Glad you're listening to your body w/ regards to exercise & pain (re arthritis). Sounds like you're eating well. Keep @ it - you're sure to reach your goal
on 7/19/12 3:27 am - Canada
Thank you! No choice but to listen to the body, extra pain is not worth it.
Debra G.
on 7/19/12 5:12 am - Peterborough, Canada
RNY on 10/19/12
Looking good skyjem
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