Toronto Western Hospital support group meetings .....September

on 9/12/14 11:58 pm - Canada

Hi  - I was wondering if anyone can tell me when the TWH support group meets this month?  Was there a group on Sept 3rd?  I did not receive an email.  Have I missed the general get together?  I have conflicting events this Wed the 17th and wondered if there was a meeting scheduled and/or what topic given for that date?  Thanks! Have a great day everybody!

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on 9/13/14 12:09 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 01/20/12

Next Wednesday is about exercise





on 9/14/14 6:47 am - Newmarket, Canada

Sept 24th?? what time are the meetings?

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on 9/14/14 9:17 pm - Brampton, ON, Canada
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I'm confused... is it the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays so Sept was 3rd and 17th?   I was away for the 3rd and couldn't go but intend to be there for the first of October.... so my concern is.....  if the meeting is the 24th,  then they wouldn't have the first October meeting the very next Wednesday would they?  I was planning on Wednesday Oct 1 for group meeting.

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on 9/15/14 11:08 pm - Toronto, Canada

The meetings are still the first and third wednesday of the month.  Tomorrow night's meeting is about exercise - I'll most likely be there.  Got to get off my tookus and move more! LOL

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