on 10/29/14 11:27 am - North York, Canada


i remember reading before that some people took supplements to help with hair re growth. I think biotin was one. Is there anything you can recommend and tell me where I can buy it? I have looked at several drug stores and can not find biotin.....


thanks from rom the soon to be bald :)

on 10/29/14 2:25 pm - Windsor, Canada

Walmart and shoppers sells Biotin. 

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on 10/29/14 3:08 pm

I wonder if biotin is something that should be started prior to surgery even?  Sorry to hijack the post but I'm sitting on the fence as to whether to have WLS or not and I'd like all the info I can get.  My hair/scalp is EXTREMELY sensitive to stress and weight loss (have gone partially bald in the past just on WW + stress).  So if this is something I can be pretty certain will happen to me if I go through with WLS, I wonder if starting it early will be a good thing?

On a side note, FWIW, when I've lost my hair in the past with weight loss, I was recommended to use Nioxin Shampoo/Conditioner line (can be bought at Walmart salons or any generally well-stocked salon) - it's made specifically for hair loss.  I'm not sure if it improved things or not, but I felt it was a better product than normal hair care products so I went with it.  Now I use Arbonne tea tree products and I've noticed a big difference in the neuroinflammation in my scalp (that causes my stress-related hair loss now). So perhaps these hair care products may also be of interest to you.

on 10/30/14 5:39 am - Windsor, Canada

I started using Biotin before surgery. I never had a major problem with hair loss. I do have naturally thick hair. I have stayed on biotin and vitamin E faithfully.


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on 10/30/14 7:44 am - North York, Canada

Thanks for your reply, I will try those shampoo you mentioned!! I will try anything at this point!! Lol

on 10/30/14 7:46 am - North York, Canada

Sorry I replied under mypita58 by accident!! But thanks for the reply and I wi try the shampoos you suggested!!thanks 

on 10/30/14 10:48 am - North York, Canada


on 10/29/14 11:18 pm - Canada
VSG on 10/31/14

What Adam told us, (People as the same question during the last class before the bench) was that it may help.  But it is something that you should have started 3-6 months before.  

On a second note.  if you read the ingredients in your multi- most of them have  Biotin in them


on 10/30/14 10:47 am - North York, Canada

Well I am hoping it will help the re-growth come in faster and stronger. I know there is Biotin in the multi but not much. 

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on 10/30/14 7:57 am - CA
VSG on 12/19/13

I started taking 10,000 mcg of biotin when I noticed hair shedding at 3-1/2 months post surgery.  I knew there was nothing that would stop, prevent or cure the hair loss since it's a condition called telogen effluvium, but thought it would help to strengthen new hair growth.

The biotin did an amazing job of growing hair - on my FACE, legs and other parts that will go unmentioned.  I stopped taking it immediately.

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