tricia lynch
on 4/26/15 11:51 pm - thorold, Canada

Ok years ago i was suppose to do surgery but God (some power) had a different  plan for me and from being told i would never have a child boom i now have a beautiful 6 year old boys and 5 year old boy. now after struggling the last year i have not gain but i have not lost either :( i for the love of it can not get on the st joes hospital site in hamilton and i was tryoing to figure out pricing of the cost before surgery i know it use to be 100.00 for needle after surgery but for the drinks i'm suppose to take as well looking to see how much they are to buy. i wanted to make sure i have those cost saved before making the appointment as my husband works full time but we have no benefits. so instead of buying xenical or Alli i was going to just put that money into my account for surgery. Been a scary year of health issues and my boy NEED  me to be arounf longer  also NEED  them as well. so time to just go forward on this journey. another thing against me is i do not drive so travelling from thorold on to hamilton is hard huby will have to miss some work but in the end if he keeps me alive and healthy it is a must :) Thank you

on 4/27/15 12:21 am - Arnprior, Canada

Hi Tricia,

Bariatric Surgery, specifically, RNY and VSG, are covered by OHIP if you have a BMI of 35 with co-morbidities (i.e. high blood pressure) or 40 with no co-morbidities.  There is one blood test that might cost you extra depending on where you have it done.  Other than that, you will need to be able to buy your supplements for daily use (multi vitimins, B12 etc).  Some have had to go on blood thinners for a bit just around surgery, but not every one does this.  Pre surgery, you will probably be drinking Optifast at about $100 a week (depending on centre, you may not have other food costs for yourself).  The length of time you will be drinking the shakes, depends on how much weight you have to lose.

To start the journey (if you haven't already) you will need a doctor, RPN or specialist to send in a referral to the Bariatric Registry.  From there, you will be assigned to a centre (based on your postal code).

I wish you well on your journey.



on 4/27/15 12:40 am - Barrie, Canada
RNY on 05/21/13

Hey Cathy, excellent post. May I add that maybe you meant to say patients need to go OFF blood thinners before surgery, and not that they go on them?

Blood thinners for pretty much 99% of surgeries must be stopped about a week or so prior to surgery.


Starting weight: 334 lbs.Starting opti weight: 323 lbs, Surgery weight 303 lbs.Surgery-May 21st, 2013 with Dr Hagen at HRRH Goal weight 165 lbs reached at 13 months. Current weight 156 lbs


on 4/27/15 12:47 am - Arnprior, Canada

Hi Annette, I could be mistaken, but I thought there were a few that had to take blood thinners (by injection) after surgery to prevent blood clots. (Not to scare any one).  I admit I could be mistaken as to which med it was.  I wasn't one that needed it, but I thought some others had mentioned needing it.

I was suggesting it as a possible cost.  I understand that those who are regularly on blood thinners go off of them before surgery in preparation.  It was some that are not regularly on it.  But times have changed as well, it may not even be used any more.



on 4/27/15 12:51 am - Barrie, Canada
RNY on 05/21/13

Yes yes your right sorry I misread this as needing to take blood thinners preop sorry. 

Preop you have to stop if your taking any and then lost people depending on the centre do injections for I believe 8 days. Those aren't cheap I believe they are in the $200 range without insurance.

Thanks for clarifying Cathy 👍

Starting weight: 334 lbs.Starting opti weight: 323 lbs, Surgery weight 303 lbs.Surgery-May 21st, 2013 with Dr Hagen at HRRH Goal weight 165 lbs reached at 13 months. Current weight 156 lbs


on 4/27/15 1:09 am - Arnprior, Canada

Thanks Annette, as I said, I wasn't on them for this surgery, but remember being poked with them when I had my C-sections.  I was lucky and didn't need any when I got home after them.

And thanks for putting the cost down, that one I didn't have with not having a reason to ask about it.  I'm sure that there will be a few people interested in that price.


tricia lynch
on 4/27/15 1:00 am - thorold, Canada

Just had biopsy done as soon as that is cleared i will be having my doctor refer me :) No pregnancy this time as i'm fix :D just need to get healthy and thanks for some reason i was thinking the drinks where a lot more that i was going to have to have a good 1000.00 to get things going :) io can breath a bit more now..  i have pcos so i jsut started now taking birth control. was doing xenical but so much money and not worth the side effects..  So hoping all good news on the 6 of May and can move forward :) Thanks Ladies 

on 4/27/15 10:35 pm - Ottawa, Canada
VSG on 02/03/14

I did Xenical; Lord that stuff was awful and didn't help me at all. I too have PCOS (and hypothyroidism) so my weight never budged! ARGH! Even going to the gym 5 days per week and eating no carbs, nothing helped me until I had this surgery. It's been a total lifesaver.

The cost of the liquid diet pre-op was about $100 per week (for me, $300 plus tax, or thereabouts) and everything else has been covered. The only thing I do have to pay for is my variety of supplements post-op. Those can get pricey but it's definitely worth it!

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tricia lynch
on 4/27/15 11:39 pm - thorold, Canada

that has def been very frustrating the pcos specially family member or friends that do not have it or looked at it and know nothing about it but yet all experts and will tell you it is an excuse.. No it is not before pcos i use to be a runner in track on every sports team i walked everywhere then one day started waking up to no energy to wanting to run everyday to curling up in a ball with pain.. i use to love to dance all the time and with my weight gain so worried how i look because i over heard a guy say beach ball to a friend so i gave that up.. I'm so beyond ready for this . my sister who is my biggest role model in life with against it before and my husband I'm happy to say they are in my corner cheering me on and willing to support me 100% I do not smoke drink once a year unless there is a wedding i went to diet pop a few years ago but this week going pop free no one blood thinner meds and SOMEHOW i do not have diabetes so hopefully all that is in my favour to once i see doctor to get me in sooner


xenical is brutal it has kept me even not gaining or really losing much but hell hate being scared to go out lol Alli was ok but when it got pulled off the shelves i was to chicken to go to the states and go on it again plus pretty much same side effects


on 4/28/15 2:32 am - Ontario, Canada

I'm near alliston.   I was sent to Humber which is a lot closer than Hamilton.   I suspect they'd send you there too.  I just had surgery last week and costs are a concern to me too.   When you go thru orientation they will lay out the associated costs.  Not brutally awful and workable with warning.   One thing to keep in mind too is that although you may but differemt food than your family.  It will go a long long way.  Following one of their suggested menus and soups I found that what previously may have been two servings.  Is now six.  So far cheaper in the long run.  I have tried the premier protien that everyone recommends.  It's $30 for a case of 18 at Costco. Right now I have to have two a day but that will change down the road.   Btw.  I actually love them!!!   The whole reason I had the surgery was very similar to yours.  I realized that in order to lead a life.  I need to drop the weight before I get too sick and I have family members who need me badly.  Anyway.   Good luck!!!

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