Muscle weakness

on 11/30/15 7:26 am - Georgetown, Canada

Hello Post-ops

I am  one year out tomorrow (Dec 1) taking the prenatal vits, chewable calcium, b12, vit D and all my protein.

I have completed a 5K run at the end of September and I have been taking it easy and living life since then. I have been walking and taking stairs when I can and I have a desk job during the day.

It has been the last month when I have noticed that for me to cross my legs I need to give the leg some help to lift it up.  Also I noticed last night that things are feeling heavier in my arms that haven't before.

Also last night was the first night in a while that my restless leg syndrome has kicked up.

Any thoughts?



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on 11/30/15 9:29 am - Ottawa, Canada

Not sure.  Haven't heard of those particular symptoms before.  If it were me, I'd be booking a trip to see my doctor.  Might also be worth a call to the clinic to see if they've heard of anything like this related to WLS or some sort of deficiency.

Others on this board may have some insight.

Good luck!










on 11/30/15 9:42 am - Arnprior, Canada

I would definitely go to the Dr. about this.  Include full blood work, your levels may have changed. Also look at your diet before and after the run, has there been any changes?  You might have been eating more of some nutrient before that you aren't now, the blood work would be able to help with that.

Some say that magnesium helps with the restless leg syndrome, but I would check with the Dr to see if that could be the cause.  It might be something else too.  Definitely check your iron.  I see that you aren't taking any extra.  I wasn't on extra iron until about a year ago.  Some need it, some don't.  And sometimes it takes a while to need it.


on 11/30/15 9:55 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 01/20/12

check with your doctor. If you have a clean bill of health it may be that you need to up your exercise. You muscles need to be used and support your body.

Hope you find what it is





on 12/18/15 10:49 am - Georgetown, Canada


Thank you to everyone for the support in my "unknown" that I am enduring.

I did see the doctor and she ordered a barrage of blood work all for it to come back "normal"  So this still doesn't explain why my legs and arms are weak.

So I guess I will try to get through to TWH and who would I talk to?  Or shall I just wait for the follow up on Jan the 11th?


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