Sleep apnea after surgery

on 2/7/18 4:31 am

If you wore a cpap machine- how soon after surgery were you able to stop using it? How did you know you could do with out it. I JUST had my sleep study( just got home) turns out i O2 levels dipped A LOT during my Rem sleep-

on 2/7/18 5:14 am
RNY on 09/12/17

Everyone is different, but for me, I brought my cpap machine to the hospital and no one even took it out of it's case! I haven't used it since surgery, and there has not been one mention from the clinic that I should be using it. I am sleeping better and able to sleep on my side easily. I might be an unusual case, but that's how it's worked out for me. I am down 67 pounds and at present weigh 164lbs - almost 5 months out. Hope this info helps.


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on 2/7/18 5:48 am
RNY on 11/14/16

I used mine after surgery for around three months because I was scared of possible heart issues. Once I had lost around 75 lbs from my surgery weight I decided to see how I did without it. Family reported no more snoring so I put it away for good and generally sleep well since. TWH said I should do another sleep study first but I didn't bother. Quite relieved to be done with it!

on 2/7/18 5:51 am - Lindsay, Canada
RNY on 02/26/18

I've got a follow up with my respirologist in July but am expected to continue using mine until I see her, I also have issues with my oxygen levels dipping at night, so will keep using it until told I can stop.

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on 2/7/18 6:27 am

some of my concerns in regards to this cpap business is. Holy Moly one of those machines is expensive. Also like say i only need the machine for a brief period of time i would like to not spend 1000$ on one! ugh! also like i wonder how real of a snap shot the sleep study was of my life. I could not sleep on my stomach during the test which is the only way i sleep at home. so many thoughts on this.

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Leslie W.
on 2/7/18 7:00 am - Cobourg, Canada

I started using mine a couple of years before surgery. About 6 months post and almost 100 lbs weight loss I felt the pressure was to high. Went back for another sleep study and no longer needed it.

I used mine in the hospital too.

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on 2/7/18 8:55 am

I am 4 years post op, and still use mine, I lost over 160 pounds, and at a normal weight, but still need to use it. I am a perfect example, that just because you loose weight does not guarantee your sleep apnea will go away, I hope for you it does, but as I said not guaranteed

on 2/7/18 10:49 am, edited 2/7/18 2:49 am

I have a concern about cpap after surgery. Sometimes I swallow air from the cpap and wake up with my stomach bloated, and when I sit up I burp quite a bit up. But when I wake up it can be rather painful. I?m Worried what this would do to VSG staples.

My though was I should lose as much weight as possible before surgery, but so far that?s working as well as all the other diets.


on 2/9/18 11:12 pm
VSG on 11/22/16

You won't have to worry about CPAP after surgery. I was concerned as I too had VSG and high pressure rate on CPAP - 17. But I use my CPAP after my VSG and everything is fine. I still wake up feeling "full" of air but otherwise ok.

Tracey 112205
on 2/7/18 6:13 pm - Bumfuknowhere, Canada

Over 12 years later and I am still using mine and will need it for life. My pressure is lower but it never completely went away, wasn't all weight related. You won't know unless you do a follow up test.