Got my meet the Surgeon appointment date!

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RNY on 03/22/18

I got my meet the surgeon appointment today! Things are moving along super quick now. I just had my 1 on 1's a week ago! I am very excited. MY OTN appointment is Feb 27th! It looks like I will be going through St. Michael's and my surgeon will be Dr. Grantcharov. Has anyone had him for their surgery? What was he like?

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RNY on 09/01/17

Congratulations!!! I'm glad things are moving quickly for you finally. :)

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RNY on 02/26/18

Yes, it seems things move much more quickly once you get to the meet the surgeon stage. I have Dr. Grantcharov but my surgery is not until the day before your appointment. He was very nice on my video consult but it's exceptionally quick, under 10 minutes. Have all your questions written down because it goes so fast it is hard to remember everything you want to know.

I don't know if you have additional pieces to do after your consult with him, it seems every center does things a little differently but I had the sessions and all classes done before, some centres seem to do some before and some after. If there is not more for you to do just for general timeline ideas, my meeting was scheduled for January 9th so it is about 7 weeks in between my consult and surgery. Maybe yours will happen around that timeline too!

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Congratulations! Time is going to fly by now :-).

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RNY on 02/26/18

Seems like things are moving a lot fast now, then when came through, they were really backed up for scheduling surgery when I had my meet the surgeon, but didn't meet the one I had the appointment with, at TWH they can't seem to tell me who is going to do my surgery, guess I'll meet them on the day of surgery. They all seem to have good reputations, and I think the advantage of the way they're are doing it here is that they do alot of procedures so have a lot of experience in this specialty.

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Congratulations Momov2 xoxox

I had my surgery almost 3 years ago with Dr. Grantcharov at St. Mikes. He is a wonderful caring surgeon, he is very attentive to your concerns and anxiety. The Bariatric area of St Mikes is very quiet, the nurses are amazing. The halls are great to walk up and down up and down up and down lol lol. I did alot of walking as soon as i got the ok from the nurses.

I have nothing but positive comments to make towards Dr. Grantcharov and his staff as i am sure you will experience the same.


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So excited for you!

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