on 12/31/18 4:40 am
RNY on 01/11/12

REFLECT FIRST, THEN PLAN. On New Year's Eve, many people talk about their plans for the coming year. They make resolutions and hope for better times ahead. But before you start down the resolution path, pause for a moment and truly reflect. What can you learn from the past year about yourself? Have you discovered what works in terms of your health and what doesn't? You can make resolutions soon (or better yet, set goals), but today look back. You owe it to yourself to learn your lessons, so that you can grow wiser and healthier in the coming year. Even if you usually don't journal, take a few minutes to do this exercise. Make a list of things you wish you had done differently this past year, and then a list of what you did well. Next to the things you wish you had done differently, write down a step you can take to ensure you won't repeat that mistake. Next to the things you did well write down what you can do to continue having success in that area. Read this list every morning in January.

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