What are you eating/doing Tuesday?

on 6/25/19 1:03 pm - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 04/11/16

Hmmmm.....a little late but here it is. I made it to the gym again this morning for an upper body workout. Yay me. Not too much on the go today however, another long boring day

I'm getting my hair cut after work and then have to make it to a 630 ball game. Will be tight but looks like a great night to play.

B - premier protein before the gym, then leftover mongolian beef at work

S - Nope I wanted something but didn't really have any snack food.

L - spinach salad with berries, 1 chicken tender from RCSS

S - nope full from lunch

D - Daryl's Hi NRG Bar on the way to the ball game

S - I'll find something at home I'm sure

Hope everyone's day was good!!

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