What are you eating/doing Tuesday?

on 9/24/19 5:38 am, edited 9/24/19 5:38 am

Good morning everyone ;)

I just wanted to stop by and post quick since I know this is going to be a crazy day at work. Tonight I'm heading to the gym but then need to get home and run the vacuum since my cat seems to be shedding like crazy and it's driving me nuts.

B - protein shake

S - greek yogurt

L - shrimp & sauce, salad

S - SF bran muffin

D - leftover chicken, maybe with some lettuce and bacon on rye like a club

S - turkey pepperettes

on 9/24/19 8:04 am - Canada

Good morning :)

Not much to do today... Just an appointment at the bank. Might pick up a few groceries at the store by the bank. The little nugget wasn't feeling good yesterday so I'm keeping a close eye on her today.

Post-op four years and six months.

Breakfast - milk

Snack - apple with PB

Lunch - chicken, roasted red pepper sauce, and melted cheese

Snack - ham and pickles

Dinner - probably chicken leftovers

Snack - TBD

All water and vits.

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